The World’s Your Oyster(s)

Tanuki Bar PSP_fa

Most people eat to live. I live to eat, by the grace of God. I enjoy savouring the fruits of my labour and living in food-happy Singapore, you have the best of all worlds.

With my best drinking mate Bal, happy hours most often than not is an Irish/English pub with great beer and even better spicy chicken drumlets. These days however, I found a new haunt thanks to lifestyle blog simplyfabulicious. Tanuki Raw is arguably the best thing in the blah Orchard Central. Its happy hours (5-8pm) is slowly becoming as famous as Morton’s martini and mini steak sammies happy hours, all due to its $10 martinis,  beers and $11 cocktails and most of all – its fabulously fresh raw oysters from just $2 a pop and $3 salmon sashimi. Well, it was even  better when it was just $1 per oyster and you could order a dozen per drink but they have now limited it to just 6 per drink probably after discovering to their horror just how much Singaporeans gulped down discounted oysters like nobody’s business! The grub, which has a good selection of Japanese-styled items, as they are by the same people of  Standing Sushi Bar, is quaint but great value for money – from their signature American roll cheeseburger sushi to the crunchy deep fried lotus shoots . There should be more places like this for people to chill out after a hard day’s work, without having to burn a hole in their pocket…



2 comments on “The World’s Your Oyster(s)

  1. angsanaseeds says:

    when are we going? 🙂


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