He’s a Man Eater…

Hannibal_dinner table

No thanks to TV’s Hannibal, I will never look at frozen meat in my freezer the same way again…

One of the best drama series to hit TV in recent times, Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal deliciously glued you to the small screen as it brings us to a time before the infamous fictitious serial killer was caught (mostly from the first novel, Red Dragon). With every episode named after a French dish or meal (“Aperitif”, “Sorbet”, etc), the TV series focuses on the relationship between the  creepy psychiatrist (played by a captivating Mads Mikkelsen)  and one of his patients, the mentally-fatigued FBI criminal profiler (an equally brilliant Hugh Dancy). Besides great acting and thought-provoking dialogue, what really intrigues this viewer most is the scenes – not sure if this warrants a *SPOILER ALERT* – that show the “good” doctor, who is also a food connoisseur, lovingly and tenderly preparing and cooking the organ parts from his hunts and transforming them into tantalising dishes of art for his unsuspecting dinner guests, washed down by fine wine of course. All I can say is thank the stars that Hannibal is shown here at 10pm and not during dinner time!


The other great thing about Hannibal is that it brought back the lovely Gillian Anderson of The X-Files fame to our small screens. Looking great as always, her scenes as the cool and calm (albeit scarred) psychiatrist to Mikkelsen’s cold and chilling Lecter are among the best in the series. So glad that she has a new drama serial The Fall we can look forward to and – hey! – it’s about a serial killer too!

Can’t wait for the heartwrenching finale this evening and hope it won’t be the last we see of TV’s Hannibal Lecter. And those “personalised” – by victims’ names, mind you – culinary dishes of his…


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