WA, You have just 80mins to Steam Your Boat…

20130704_193003It’s good to set goals in life, so I’ve recently made it a quest to try out all the food places at The Star Vista, just because…

I only spotted Wa Shabu Shabu recently as it’s rather hidden away to the back of the mall on the first floor, overshadowed by the  more prominent Boston Seafood Shack directly opposite it. If you are a carnivore like me, you should like this place. It’s basically a steamboat place given a Japanese feel and name. The main attraction here is the cuts of beef, pork and chicken they offer –  Angus and Wagyu for beef,  Kurobuta for pork, etc. They have different set menus on offer but most look like they are best shared, so I opted for the cheapest buffet so I can take what I want and all that I need.

The buffet bit is actually just the salad portion – over 2 dozen choices from green vegetables to noodles to condiments, while the meats have to be ordered. Which is a good thing ‘cos they are hence served fresh and thinly sliced. Like most steamboat places, you have a choice of two soups – the basic soup is free and other choices are priced at $4 each.

You can’t go wrong with steamboat. You just need to place the right ingredients into the soup (any soup) and you will have a truly delicious broth to sink your meats into. The meats are of a great quality here – well, at least the “cheap” ones are. I had the beef and the pork, will try the Wagyu and Angus next time round.

I was rather amused though that the restaurant actually set a time limit for the buffet choices  – 1 hr 20 mins for dinner, 1 hour for lunch, and they will remind you 20 mins from end of “last order”. As I was in a hurry, I didn’t mind it that much but a female customer next to me complained for a good five minutes, whining “How can? My friend won’t be here till later and I thought I can eat first!”, before deciding to adjourn elsewhere…

When queried, the head waiter assured me that they never had any problems of customers not being able to order/pick all the food they can eat within the allotted time. And besides, they usually access the situation and give and take a little. It’s just that the place is rather small – and truly, some tables are a tad too close together just so they can up the seating capacity – and hence the time rule was set so that customers waiting in queue get a chance to dine as well.

Well, I would recommend WA Shabu Shabu to anyone who enjoys meat or steamboat, but not if you are planning to nibble at it the whole night long.

FYI, I only needed 40 minutes to have my fill of a full plate of beef, a full plate of pork, and a spluttering of veggies…



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