I’ve been Walking on the Railroad…

Railway track_smWhen the Tanjong Pagar trains were still running, it was fun waving to the passengers whenever I did my weekend brisk walks along my estate’s exercise trails which run alongside the railway line. Now that they are gone, well, have to confess that I don’t really missed them. One great thing that came out of it though is that now anyone who know how to make their way onto the former 22km track get to use it to run, hike, trek, cycle, walk their dog, watch birds, etc, surrounding themselves with a dash of greenery within this urban landscape we live in.

Now just pray that the authorities will not clear the bushes, the trees and the fences to build any type of housing or revenue-making projects on this great spirit-lifting pathway…


2 comments on “I’ve been Walking on the Railroad…

  1. June says:

    Hey Markie Mark! Good to see you writing again! I want to ask you ah. How do you get to the railroad to do a walk? Where is the entrance? I have been wanting to bring my boys to do that. Have no idea how or where to start.


    • marfield49 says:

      Yo June Koon! Thx for stopping by! You wanna come to my place? There are two entrances from my playground and our stretch here is very scenic as it flanks the Portsdown area from Blessed Sacrement Church all the way to Buona Vista. My friend at Buona Vista says she used to use an entrance near the MRT station but now she says it seems to be sealed up. I assume you can also start from the station at Tanjong Pagar itself or along the Telok Blangah estates. The stretch along The Rail Mall to Bukit Timah Station was also walkable, not sure if that’s still open. Check out this website http://www.thegreencorridor.org/2011/07/12/overview-map-of-railway/ where you can download maps of the different stretches of walking routes. I won’t recommend the Woodlands stretches for you and the boys, but thats bec I’m more familiar with my stretch. Just let me know if you wanna pop down here! Hope that helps!


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