Curry Favour


With celebrity chef  Gordon Ramsey causing a frenzy in town recently to take on our Hawker Heroes, it reminded me that somehow the best hawker food you can find here is where the old-timers are still plying their trade. God knows what will happen – and it’s already happening – when these hawkers retire as their skills are unlikely to be passed on to the next generation for one reason or another.

Anyway, let’s enjoy them while we can, which brings me to my favourite Chinese chicken curry rice at Queensway Shopping Centre. This is the one which hails itself as “the original Queensway chicken curry”, brought to you by the people of the “original Katong spoon laksa… since the 1950s”. (Which means it’s not the stall that claims it’s the “original 328 Katong Laksa” located directly opposite, which also sells chicken curry. *grin*) I like this stall’s chicken curry cos the curry is  rich and coconut-creamy, and tastes like it’s been cooked overnight (which all Chinese curries should be done). So good it makes your rice go faster and you will want to spoon every last drop. The potatoes are also well-soaked before cooking, making it soft and succulent. Add on a savoury piece of otah (large piece at just $1.20) and a home-made lime juice, and you have a great cheap meal for a mere $6.

Here’s praying that good hawker food like this will live on for generations to come…


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