Beer with Tacos, Senorita?

Senor taco_sm

(**2014 Update: Senor Taco is now defunct…) I have always wanted to check out *Senor Taco at The Star Vista out but never got round to it ‘cos feedback from friends was that “it ain’t very good”. Still, you’ll never know till you have tried it for yourself. Tucked away at a far corner of the mall, it’s seldom crowded but it’s actually quite a good spot as on one side diners get to see the captivating atrium of the mall, while on the other, well, there’s a bit of greenery and, er, the MRT station. It’s also partly open-air with no air-conditioning, so things may not be too cosy if it’s a hot day or when it rains. Luckily, it was relatively cool this evening when I popped in…

I was actually in the mood for a hard tacos (with beef) but the waitress happily declared that as it’s still Happy Hour (6-8pm), if I order the Mexican beer Pacifico, I will get a complimentary soft  tacos, with the choice of either pork or chicken; order a bucket (of beer), and I get a free plate of chicken wings! Er, yes, but not today, I mumbled. When I said that I fancy a hard tacos, she casually pointed me to two items on the menu – one of which was a fish tacos and the other which heralded that in order to be a healthy choice, they have replaced the hard taco with fresh lettuce(??)… To a carnivore, enticing both are, not. As the menu handed to me was really worn and practically falling to pieces, I was hardpressed to browse through it so I decided to go with the beer and free tacos although it would have been great if the waitress had recommended their signatures dishes as well. I must have looked like I desperately needed a drink…

The beer was decent (though Corona was cheaper)  and the wee pork tacos, garnished with chopped onions, was tasty but hardly filling. So I ordered a bowl of tortilla chips as well although the salsa took a bit of getting used to. It’s not the usual sweet-sourish tomato-based type but has a very spicy powdery texture. Luckily the chips are good enough to eat on their own and, as always, go well with beer.

If you are feeling peckish and craving for a beer while waiting for someone (before a show at The Star Auditorium, for instance), the Senor Taco would be be a good place to park yourself as beer starts from $11.90 and there are various happy hour promotions such as 1-for-1 mojitos. It also has a wide range of tequila drinks, if you are into the stronger stuff. Will definitely have to come back another day to check out the margaritas (the measure of a true Mexican restaurant as far as I’m concerned) and the other food fare. I’m sure the food must be relatively good for their menus to become so worn out…


2 comments on “Beer with Tacos, Senorita?

  1. angsanaseeds says:

    Prefer the margarita from Cha Cha Cha and Margarita’s 🙂


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