A Tale of Two Dinners

What a difference a day (or rather, evening) makes.  Just last night, I had a deeply satisfying $6 dinner. Today, alas, I had to stomach a despairingly awful $16 meal…

Mr Yu TiaoUsually I try not to eat at nex after working hours as it is most often than not horrendously packed. For a lone diner, it can be rather tough to chope a seat unless it’s at a restaurant or less popular eatery. Well, last night, I decided to check out the basement stalls as long as it isn’t the first eatery I see right after I leave the MRT station. (I did that many times before and always ended up with miserable choices…). This night, I took my time to find a decent joint and voila, there was Mr You Tiao, located directly in front of the Cold Storage supermarket. It was the buckets of thick long you tiao (deep fried dough fritters) that caught my attention and the fact that they also sold porridge (chicken, minced meat with century egg, etc). Beside dipping a you tiao into a hot cup of Chinese-styled black coffee, I love eating you tiao by dipping it into tasty thick porridge. So I ordered me a nice bowl of chicken porridge, which came with a free rich soy bean drink, and a stick of sesame you tiao. It’s one of the best meals I have in recent times. The porridge is well-laced with chicken strips, chai bo, spring onions, and oh, it actually already have a good helping of sliced you tiao on it, as you can see from the pix. Still, nothing beats the joy of dipping a crispy long you tiao into hot porridge and savouring the combo. Highly recommend it to anyone who have never ever tried!

20130711_183306Wish I could say the same about tonight’s dinner but I guessed you can’t have it all. (Well, you can if you just take your time and choose the right food!) Was at the Ion Food Hall with my colleague when we chanced upon Toss&Turn,  just opposite the food court. As it was “a soup & salad bar by Cedele”, I figured it can’t be bad and the sandwiches kinda look good. Unfortunately, my eye was distracted by their shepherd’s pie. Not having had a good shepherd’s pie since the last time I was in London (at director Guy Ritchie’s pub The Punchbowl no less), I was keen to try another one. Except I should have seen the warning sign when it’s clearly stated that it’s a Curry Chicken Shepherd’s Pie (and not the usual minced beef). It couldn’t be that bad, I figured. Well, sometimes being too adventurous can ruin your whole evening. My mood was spoiled the moment I tasted the filling. More Indian curry-styled than Chinese, the curry chicken was bland and was not savoury at all. The crust was so tough, I thought it was made of prata (Indian pancake). Only the mashed potato beneath the crust was palatable and tasty. Maybe it’s an acquired taste, I thought to myself, and I continued stabbing at it. However, I soon gave up after my colleague begged me to, seeing my crestfallen face. Seriously, it was like eating dried chicken curry out of a ice cream tub!


Luckily, it was a set that I ordered and there was a consolation garden salad to stab at.  Ya, ya, it’s  fresh and healthy, but a filling meat dish it ain’t. (Cow food I called it…)

Lesson once again learned, choose food wisely. Always…


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