Fine Way to Tickle Your Palate

20130807_200345Last night, came across a little gem of a restaurant while looking for hiking pants at Camper’s Corner at 51 Waterloo Street. Fine Palate is its name and I was attracted by the classy decor and the fact it wasn’t crowded. in fact, I practically have the whole indoors to myself when the lone diner left and only one couple was having drinks at the al fresco area. So lucky me.

Thought the mains was rather pricey (from $24 to $48) but the “shared bits” caught my eye and although there was just one of me, thought the appetizer prices between $8 to $15 was quite decent to try out a dish or two. I settled for the $6 Quesadillas and the $15 cutely named Trio of FP Burgers which I was assured by the lone waitress that they are just mini burgers.

To celebrate the start of the long weekend, I settled for one of their in-house beers, Little Creatures’ Bright Ale from Australia, which is light at the start… then slowly hit you at the end! I may have drank too quickly on an empty stomach… But then wahey, I was served a wonderful small warm bun to go along with the beer and that saved me somewhat before my real “starters” arrived…


When they came, I kinda regretted ordering two dishes cos I knew there was just too much carbs (so much for trying to diet, ahem). But then again, they looked really good. The quesadillas (above left) were served warm, comprising a pressed set of olives, tomatoes and a trio of cheeses (the menu have loads of “trios”), and  the tortilla crust was crispy and lovely to chew. It would be a good dish to share with friends or to go with beer but I had to save room for the burgers. I forgot to ask why they were called FP but the mini burgers (above right) were really tasty. Not as succulent as the famous Morton’s signon steak sandwiches but the chunky albeit small Wagyu beef patty, flanked by melted cheddar, crispy bacon and lettuce, was tasty enough. Cooked medium rare – with juices even flowing out from one of them – the burgers were fun to eat and best of all, great bites to savour.

Fine Palate it seems is known for their gourmet catering and the cafe only recently opened for dinner about two months ago. The lunch crowd is much better waitress Dee assured me as not many people know that the cafe is now open in the evening. Well, selfish me hope that remains the case for the time being cos I will definitely like to go back and try out their entrees and mains such as Kurobuta crispy pork belly, braised daube of veal cheek, char-grilled beef tenderloin, foie gras and salmon tartar which sounds extremely inviting.

Always happy to find cool places that have good food and cool to chill in, and not packed to the brim with noisy diners…


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