Making Tracks on National Day

IMG_20130809_151125Celebrated Singapore’s National Day by bringing two good friends and their two cute boys to walk on the old “railway track” from Tanglin Halt to Buona Vista. Thank God that the day was bright and cheery, unlike yesterday, and made even more so by the  two lads who were dressed in patriotic red and white, complete with flag, bless their young hearts! And the walk as a great start as we barely walked 10 yards when we were greeted by a row of cyclists who wished us all “Happy National Day!” as they cycled past, giving the young ‘uns a thrill as the older one took pictures with his Nikon while the younger waved his flag enthusiastically.

As we walked further down the path, it’s great to hear my friends June and Chris pointing out every plant, flower and insect to the boys, telling them what they are so they can learn things. It was a great science lesson for me too cos whenever I go for my weekly walks (for exercise) on the same track, identifying what’s grass and what’s not is certainly the last thing on my mind. (How many metres more to go is always the first, then the lyrics from the pop music blasting in my ears…) Along the way, even for a short kilometre, there were lots to see: beautiful butterflies of various colours, buzzing dragonflies, tadpoles in a muddy puddle, blushing mimosas, glorious morning glories, palm trees, tapioca plants and one tall coconut tree, just to name a few.

20130809_115604We walked all the way to the traffic junction front of The Star Vista / Buona Vista MRT where we took a water/snack break under the concrete viaducts. Here, the many graffiti on the concrete pillars that hold the roads up offer a different perspective to life that has passed though this “underground” route…

20130809_121244After it was way past noon, and the lads were getting tired and hungry, we walked back the way we came except – when we got to the side track – we detoured into Portsdown for a nice walk through the white and black colonial buildings in order to get to the arty Wessex Estate. The area has such a laidback countryside feel to it, such a total contrast to the buzzing Tanglin Halt/Commonwealth Drive residential precinct it faces.

20130809_130834It didn’t take us long to find Workloft@Wessex and although there was a rather swanky-like restaurant named one-north there (I think), there was only one choice for us for lunch – the famous Colbar, a shack-like eatery which is a Portsdown landmark having been there since the British Army set up its base there. It was a place famous for serving beer and western food, and it’s still does except the prices are rather atrocious (and has been for quite some time now to be fair) for a non-air-conditioned, self-service, out-in-the-woods joint. ($11 for egg omelette, $1.90 for a can of coke, etc) But then again, it’s Colbar. Take it or leave it. They have stood the test of time. They don’t serve the greatest food on earth but it was nonetheless a great spot to land up in after a good two-hour walk on the old railroad track.

Happy 48th Birthday, Singapore!!


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