Another Ramen Place…

20130818_132352Good news for Star Vista regulars – a couple of new food outlets have recently opened. One of them is Ramen Kagetsu Arashi, which took over the former soup restaurant near the taxi stand that serves its soups in square bread bowls. Not surprised that it closed shop so soon ‘cos frankly it’s overpriced for food that don’t exactly make diners go back over and over for. Anyway, glad to see another ramen place cos the one at the basement – Menya Mushashi – is quite popular and often attract long queues.


This new place was barely full when I walked in for Sunday lunch but it is bright and cheery with loud orange decor and decently spacious. Most char siew (pork slices) ramen bowls offer two miserable slices. Being a carnivore, I decided to opt for the “more char siew” items which of course means they are higher priced. But then again, most ramen stores charged between $12-$17.90 for various kinds of ramen anyway, Having the urge for something strong-flavoured – I tend to go for spicy stuff on hot days, don’t know why… –  I opted for the Arashi Genkotsu Barikara Ramen at $17.80, with 5 slices of char siew and Genkotsu broth (the other choices being Miso and Sio).

When there’s hardly any customers, the waiting staff tends to speak rather loudly at a corner but when they do serve, they serve quickly. A glass of water was served to me the moment I sat down and there is a big flask of water for self-service on the table. Orders are taken quickly and delivered surprisingly fast too – I hardly waited 5 minutes when my order came! And they also give you a nice looking basket to put your bag in., instead of having to lay it on the floor. (Most of the seating are stool style, you see).

20130818_132057On the table, there are also a selection of condiments the likes of chilli flakes, soy sauce, chillied spring onions, and what I was impressed with, grounded black pepper from Fauchon! Unfortunately, Ramen Kagetsu Arashi doesn’t give out free-flow hard-boiled eggs and white rice like what Suzuki Ramen Bar at Circular Road (but then again, most ramen stalls don’t…) but I digress. My order ain’t half bad: the spicy broth was very tasty (you don’t have to add more chilli), the pork slices big and succulent, and a decent half egg. My only miff with it is that the yellow noodles aren’t very smooth and don’t seem to complement the broth very much.

Still, it’s good to know there’s another ramen choice at The Star Vista and may just try it out again for its garlic butter rice which looks rather tasty by its photograph on the menu… 😛




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