Pubbing at South down at the Sands

20130816_200006Last Friday, me and my colleagues had a rare night out when none of us need to stay back late for work, praise the Lord! So off we went for a Friday drinks’ night out to this place  called South Coast which is not at Sentosa as its name may suggest but rather on the northern end of Marina Bay Sands, outside the Shoppes and directly opposite the Louis Vuitton floating store.

I half thought South Coast would looked like a beach club on land but it’s quite slick enough to attract the Shenton Way or, should I say, the new Marina Downtown, type of crowd. It wasn’t very crowded for a Friday night and since we had a huge group of 7, we get to have the big rectangle table which took up a whole side across the bar. Which was great cos let’s just say we certainly didn’t plan for a quiet night!

20130816_194120But let’s start with the food. South Coast has a great menu filled with a good range of pub grub. Prices weren’t cheap (between $8 to $30++) but I guess they know most people are going to come in groups and share. We quickly rattle off a list of what were supposedly the favourites. Pictured above clockwise from bottom are fries (big and tasty), Risotto Balls (crunchy), Wagyu Meatballs (meaty and served with slices of white bread to dip in the tomatoish gravy), Crispy King Prawns (nice but not “king” enough for me), Chicken Skewers (more than half-dozen pieces – it’s okay, tasty but lacked punch I felt; others didn’t mind it), Wagyu Pizza (delicious with eight big slices; great that they were able to do it without pork when we requested for it as one of us don’t take it), and finally, the  Crispy Pork Belly (hands down my favorite of the lot – super crispy and savory, the only odd thing is the raw bean sprouts that accompanied it!)

20130816_192910For our first night out as an office gang, the grog on offer was rather sad however. The Happy Hours here was nothing to wow about – they are  “just a few dollars less” according to one waiter and that’s only for the martinis and the beers. Beers on draft are also not your usual fare: There’s Magners Cider, Pure Blonde, Mac’s Great White and Red Rock (“which tastes like Tiger Beer”). One group went for colourful fruity martinis, the other Magners Ciders. Not being a Cider fan, my second glass was deciding which of the other three should I choose. Kudos to the same waiter who offered me a tasting portion of both Great White and Red Rock – having tried Pure Blonde before – and eventually I settled for the Mac’s Great White from New Zealand as it has a richer and stronger taste.


Other than the waiter at the end who threw a hissy fit when we jokingly said that the “nice waiter earlier” offered us a discount for our final tab,  yelling “He has no right to offer a discount, who does he think he is!!” – seriously dude, chill, we were just jokin’! – South Coast is a decent place to chill out at on any day of the week. For starters, it has a great view of the Marina Bay bay area with the lovely LV store upfront nicely framed by a line of immaculate palm trees. Food choices are certainly good and if you can live with martinis, wines, and not your usual draft beers, this place is worth checking out…


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