Union of the Soups & the Burger


Haven’t been to Raffles City for a while and was quite pleasantly surprised to see that the formerly cold-looking Hand Burger is now enjoined with The Soup Spoon and Soup Broth Asia like a mini food court – with free seating some more – under the oh-so-original (not) header, The Soup Spoon Union.

But it was quite cool. If you want Soup Spoon, you have to order only from that counter (cos items are served fresh there) but orders from the other two eateries can also be made. Hand Burger is sandwiched between the two Soups and someone will take your order from that counter while payment is made at the side. I settled for their signature The Original Burger which is also one of the cheapest at about $11++ and $13.80++ if you order the set which includes a bowl of really tasty crispy fries. Was about to order a root beer float which I had tried before and which is really nice when I was distracted by server Deleep who said that it’s actually still Happy Hours (3-7pm) and I could order a pint of Sapporo for just $9 when the usual price is $12.  So I opted for a beer on a workday evening cos I simply can’t resist a good Happy Hour deal…


The western foodcourt style seating is really nice and the beer was cold and refreshing. And then the lights went out… The whole restaurant blacked out but not the mall. Fascinating was that no one panicked and just sat patiently for things to happen. I was lucky as my burger and fries were done before the lights went out. And there was enough light – from one overhead bulb near my table – bright enough to see my food (pictured above, enhanced by mobile flash). The Union staff was great too as they went round apologising to customers for the blackout. I didn’t timed it but the light only came back on just as I finished my meal. Thank goodness too cos it was beginning to get rather hot as the aircon in that area died too.

Oh well, must say that quite an interesting experience, almost have a romantic soft-light feel to it. With a tasty burger, crispy fries and a nice cold beer to boot. Will definitely make a return  trip here. Just hope they will get a standby generator soon…


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