Having my Cake and Eating it too!


Birthday Thanksgiving:
1. Another year older and hopefully wiser too!
2. For good friends who bestowed abundance of well wishes on me…
3. For great colleagues who got me a delicious chocolate strawberry peanut laced cute little cake (pictured) for me…
4. For a great best mate who gift me the necessities for my travels…
5. To the Good Lord for all the blessings He has sprinkled in abundance on me!


Birthday wishes:
5. That I have joyful smooth days at work for the rest of the year!
4. That I can clear as much clutter in my house as possible!
3. That, by the grace of God, my lower back pain can be cured!
2. That my upcoming Camino trip will be awe-inspiring, eye-opening and
simply stress-free and rejuvenating!

And most of all…

1. World Peace


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