One Night in Bangkok…


On transit in Bangkok on route to Madrid and free airport WiFi lasts only an hour so I thought I might as well tell you about the movie I watched on the short flight over…

SIN to BKK is only 2hr 15min so I opted for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie which is just 1hr 22min. Seriously, going on long haul flights these days seem to be the only way I can catch up on movies that I missed at the theatres but I digress. As most of Burton’s animated features, Frankenweenie – about a science-loving boy who brought his dead dog back to life – is dark, morbid, yet filled with heart. Any dog lover would hv his or her heart tugged by this feature which only got really creepy when the boy Victor’s classmates started resurrecting their dead pets with horrendous results. Not as corny haha as the Corpse Bride but not as great as A Nightmare After Christmas either. Still, a class different from the sicky sweet offerings from the other studios (bar the lovable Despicable Me minions of cos!) Worth a watch if you are into good animation.

Now awaiting my next transfer to catch either The Great Gatsby or The Croods. Gosh, what a dilemma….


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