Jesus is my Camino Guide. Literally…


Arrived at Sarria, 111km from Santiago de Compostela last night. But the first day trek actually started today as we were up and early by 7am for breakfast to make the 23km fr Sarria to the next village stop Portomarin. To cut a very long story short – will detail more when I get back – is that the journey is even harder than I thought it would be. I can walk 5km without any problems, BUT not on steep slopes up and downhill in a Spanish countryside. IT WAS TOUGH.

If it was not for our guide Jesus (a native Spanish lad Hey-Zeus, not the Son of God… pictured far left above) whose job is to stay with the last pilgrim, I think I would have gave up halfway. It was tough on my knee, tough on my asthmatic lungs. And needless to say, I was the last of the group to arrive at the hotel at 3.30pm. Dead beat…

Thanks to free WiFi at our Portomarin hotel, Villa Jardin, I managed to hound encouragement fr my cell grp mates via whatapps. Then my tour mates are great encouragers too. Some insisted they only arrived 40mins before me.  I’m the only single Asian woman in the tour group of 16 comprising one American couple and – wait for this – 13 Irish women. Lovely all of them, besides promising to teach me Irish words, everyone says it will be fine tomorrow, just keep at it.


Well, easier said than done and I’m mentally prepared to give up rather than subject my body, aching still as I blog, to further pain. But then again, the fact I was walking in Jesus’ footsteps all the way today must have meant something… When I asked Christ to be ny guide on this Camino walk, I didn’t think He would have taken it so literally!
So, with my symbolic pilgrim shell on my backpack, and a Camilo tee-shirt which I hope to wear triumphantly into the city of Santiago at our journey’s end, here’s hoping with the Grace of God, I will get to make it through tomorrow’s 25km from Portomarin to Palas do Rei.

Do send good thoughts my Way, Cheers.


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