2 New Divas for Disney’s Princesses

disney-frozen-anna-elsa-new-design-300x297Disney’s Princesses are big business. And I mean US-billion-dollars big. Every Disney store I went to at Orlando’s Disney World and even the one in New York City dedicated a huge space for a mind-boggling extensive range of Disney princesses costumes and accessories that  you could buy to – if you have them – dress up your daughters, nieces, baby girl cousins into miniature splitting images of Disney’s famous heroines such as Cinderella, Snow White, Princess Jasmine, Belle and Mulan. And mind you, a lot of little girlies like to dress up like a princess, any princess. (Then again, it could be just their mums…) Well, after the success of 2010’s Tangled and 2012’s Brave featuring Princess Rapunzel and Princess Merida, both plucky, sassy and witty lasses, Disney has gone all gone to entice fantasy-loving little girlies – and their mummies – everywhere even further with not one but two super cool princesses from their new animated feature, Frozen.
meet-anna-frozenAnd just like Rapunzel and Merida before them, Princess Elsa and Princess Anna are lovable strong-willed females who will have you rooting for them in no time. In fact, Anna looked incredibly like Rapunzel, from her big blue eyes to her quirky behavior and punchlines. But seriously though, it’s her sister Princess Elsa with her icy powers – everything she touches turns to ice – who will take your breath away.
meet-elsa-frozenSPOILER ALERT for those of you who haven’t watch the movie – at the start, a young and vulnerable Elsa will bring a tear to your eye when she learnt that her gift is both a blessing and a curse while playing with Anna. Then, years later, after becoming Queen and accidentally freezing her kingdom, she ran away to the snowy mountains where in one stunning sequence she would use her power in wild abandonment to create not only a massive ice palace, but also turn her tightwad self into one sexy ice queen, strutting around like Christina Aguilar in the Lady Marmalade video! One thing for sure, I foresee more big girls dressing up as Elsa in office costume parties to come!
Disney-Frozen-625x390The film on the whole is enjoyable with loads of cute characters especially Olaf the talking snowman, a creation of Elsa’s, and the two handsome hunks that Anna get to choose from, a snotty prince and a scruffy, er, ice cutter. At first, I thought Anna was going to get the usual treatment that every Disney Princess seem to get – what I call the Princess Leia/Queen Amidala syndrome of having to fall in love with the first and only half-decent man they ever met in their lives – but SPOILER ALERT there’s a twist to the Prince Charming role here that really makes Frozen truly refreshing. Not to mention the well-written and well-sung songs that move the storyline along and are not just fillers to get the characters to dance a jig or something. Sung mainly by the two female leads Kristen Bell (Gossip Girls) as Anna and Idina Menzel (Broadway’s Wicked, Elsa), the songs “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” is especially moving, as is the showstopper “Let It Go” which I will go on a limb to say it will win the *Oscar for Best Song if no other better movie song come along in the next 4-5 weeks.

All in all, Frozen is an enjoyable film for Thanksgiving for children of all ages and the forever-young-at-heart. And with all that ice and snow, it’s guaranteed to be a Christmas mainstay for years to come too. Well done, Disney!

*2014 update – Not only did “Let It Go” won the Oscar for Best Song as I predicted, it scoped the Oscar for Best Animated Film too! Well deserved!!

Photo Credit: Images by Disney

Article on how the songs in Frozen are written:

“Let It Go” single by Demi Lovato


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