Nothing Strange about Strangers’ Reunion

20140105_193743Years ago when I was working in a media publishing house in Kampong Bahru Road, we only had 3 nasi bryani coffeeshops and 1 Chinese fish head seafood stall (albeit rather famous) to get us by the long hours while churning out magazine after magazine. Now, people living around the Blair Road/Everton Park area is more spoilt for choice when in comes to food. Well, after visiting a friend at Spottiswoode Park, me best mate HY and I decided  to check out the bright and inviting Strangers’ Reunion located at #37 of the main road-fronting row of shophouses (closer to the fish head stall than the bus-stop).

It was about 7.30pm on a Sunday night and the place was already quite packed but we were lucky to get a table. Service was attentive and quick with their recommendations. For drinks, I opted for a pink Moscato, while HY – who actually requested for something non-alcoholic – was proudly shown a list of “possibly the widest range of unique ciders in Singapore!” Hee. Well, do be fair it was an interesting list ‘cos their wine and beer list wasn’t extensive. So gamely, she chose Thatchers’ Somerset Pear Cider (which she found refreshing but still a tad too strong in taste and alcoholic level for her!). For water, every table has a decent bottle with glasses which is a welcome sight considering that most eating places these days, especially Chinese restaurants, charge between 30-60 highway robbery cents for a glass of most probably tap water!
20140105_194737The place appears to be known for their buttermilk waffles and coffee but as I just had waffle with Italian gelato for lunch the other day, we scrutinized their after 6pm selections. HY went for the grilled barramundi (above) which was a good choice as the fish was gently fried till its skin is just crispy and the meaty tasty.
20140105_194541The carnivore that I am just couldn’t resist a meat choice so I opted for the crispy pork belly (above) which was served with tomatoes and a nice cranberry jam-like spread. The pork belly was decent, but having just had great Chinese roast pork in the morning from the market, somehow this offering paled by comparison despite its generous serving. What’s great though is the truffle mash that came with it (and with the barramundi dish as well) – fluffy soft and smooth, the delicious potato mash topped with a dash of truffle was to die for and both of us mopped up the bowls after we had finished our mains!

We wished we had space for coffee and desserts but alas we don’t. But that’s good ‘cos it will give us a reason to check out their waffles on another day. Our main courses were about $24-$26, while drinks were about $10-11, which came up to about $80++ for our bill. Strangers’ Reunion – nice concept, good food; so here’s wishing for another round of menu try-outs!


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