Char’s Care Bears’ Excellent Adventures!

I’m not usually a prankster. No, really. But I had a colleague named Charmaine once who was really into the Care Bears. And I mean, really into the cutesy bears. And she had like half a dozen of these little critters on her computer hard drive top. So much so that every time she went on leave, she would write notes all over her table warning everyone in the room to “do not touch or move my Care Bears, or else!” Or something to that effect.

Well, one fine November day in 2008, feeling the horrendous need to break out of my severely heavy workload – which for that matter, has not changed a bit for the past six years – I decided to persuade Char’s Care Bears to go on an adventure or two with me in and around our then  office in Bukit Merah. Once I got the little “furry” cuties doing what they are told, I had them “email” Charmaine every other day from HER OWN computer “relating” their excellent adventures when she was away. Here’s how it went…
We Go Straight 4U!

From: char@xxx.xx
Sent: Friday, November 28, 2008
To: char@xxx.xx
Subject: What we did when you were away!

Hey hey Charmaine! Where did you go? We missed you!
We got bored while you’re away. So we decided to liven things a bit.
So here we are – lining up in a straight line for you!

Your Lovely Care Bears

Heave Ho!

From: char@xxx.xx
Sent:  Saturday, November 29, 2008
To: char@xxx.xx
Subject: We Got Onto Each Other’s Back 4U!

Wahey Charmaine!
It’s been three days since you were gone. It can get quite lonely without you.
So we decided to give ourselves a little heave-ho and got onto each other’s back for you!|
Okay,  a few of us who could anyway. It’s Funshine’s idea by the way…

Your BFF Care Bears

Meeting at boss' room

From: char@xxx.xx
Sent: Monday, December 1, 2008
To: char@xxx.xx
Subject: Showdown with the boss…

 Hey Charmaine, It’s scary without you here for meetings with the boss.
He called us in on Monday when you are away and we were scared out of our wits!
As you can see here, we had to give him notes on top of his PC (which isn’t as cool as your PC – his was COLD!) 

Hurry back, Char!
Your Miss-You-Much Care Bears
Getting a drink (1)

From: char@xxx.xx
Sent: Monday, December 1, 2008
To: char@xxx.xx
Subject: Finding a drink is tough in this place…

Hey Charmaine
We got real thirsty one day and it was really tough getting a drink here.
But we managed by huff and puff to climb into the office fridge and whoa, mama,
what a pong that came out of it!
We ain’t sure if it’s the expired milk or the stale beer but thanks goodness
we found some ice to lick on.
Don’t forget to leave us cartons of water before you go away next time, Char!

Love you always,
Your Care Bears
Loo break! (1)

From: char@xxx.xx
Sent: Wednesday, December 3, 2008
To: char@xxx.xx
Subject: When you got to go, you got to go…

Whoa-ho Charmaine
We were severely high tide one day and thank goodness we found someone who would hold the door for us so that we all can take a leak.
We forgot her name but she has a great affinity for these tight striped pants, bless her.

Come back soon!
Your Loving Care Bears
Lunch time!

From: char@xxx.xx
Sent: Friday, December 5, 2008
To: char@xxx.xx
Subject: You Lift Me Up….

 Wow Charmaine
Lunch time is really like mad house at this place.
Getting to the third floor is quite a chore but as you can see, nothing can stop your wonderful Care Bears when they need to get a bite to eat.
So Spring Bistro, here we come: Let’s do the Care Bear Countdown! 5, 4, 3….

You’re the best!
Charmaine’s Care Bears 


With much thanks to my partners in crime –  the colleagues in office at that time (you know who you are!) – especially Holly, “Do you hate me, Markie!? She will blame me for sure as I sit next to her!!” , who googled for the names of the Care Bears and discovered that there was also a Care Bears Countdown;  Winnie who lent her leg for the bears-going-to-the-loo shot; and Liana, who’s not a colleague, but who provided me the “why don’t you have them going up and down the elevator” idea which took some mastery as the lighting in there was really hard to get right…

Oh the fun-filled days of old indeed…


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