Cheese & Chocs Rule @ Sands Skypark

L1060585Posters are very important materials. Especially those heralding a great buffet somewhere in the same building they’re in. Thanks to such a poster strategically placed next to the elevator that leads to my staycation room at the Marina Bay Sands over the weekend, I had the great joy of indulging the great delights that The Cheese and Chocolate Bar, located at The Club at level 57, Tower 2, had to offer.
L1060590The buffet runs from 8pm to 12 midnight and “there are over 50 different chocolate desserts and 20 types of cheeses,” said the waitress proudly. Oh be still, my heart. Let’s just start with the cheeses. Nicely laid out on a small table, there’s a great selection of hard cheeses such as Comte and Red Leicester, to soft and creamy ones with fanciful names like Saint-Nectarine Fermier and Zpoisse.

L1060589There’s also a good range of breads and crackers that go wonderfully well with every kind of cheese you could lay your hands on. Coffee and tea come with the buffet but wine, however – and how could you not have wine with cheese, say what? – is charged separately.
L1060593Two sets of wine flights are provided at $19++ (classic) and $27++ (deluxe). I opted for the classic set which offers a red wine (Penfolds Private Release Shiraz Cabernet), a white (Errazuriz Estate Sauvignon Blanc) and one of my favourite port brands, Graham’s Ruby Port. Being a red person, the white didn’t do much for me but it does help somewhat when you need to “wash” your palette when trying different chocolate items. (But then, nothing does that best than good old plain water which you can ask for).

L1060586The amount of chocolates spread over 3 relatively long counters seriously will set your heart pulsating if you are a chocoholic. There’s creamy milk chocolate pralines (swoon!), dark chocolate-coated candies, nuts and candies, various chocolate tarts and cakes, mini glass desserts mixing chocolate with fruits, nuts, cream and milk, and multi-coloured macaroons, just to name a very few!
L1060587There’s even chocolate fondue which you can richly pour over, er, healthy pieces of fruits. There are a couple of desserts that cleverly combine chocolate and cheese together but really, none beat the perfect taste of a mini Oreo cheese cake (below) which is absolutely heavenly!
20140126_221445A hot cup of coffee is a great way to end your wonderful meal, followed by the great panoramic views that the top of the Sands offers at night. At $48++ (for adult) plus the wine, the amount for a person comes up to about $78. Worth every cent I say. Guests can simply walk in, while others will have to make a reservation. There should be more of such bars in town I say…


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