Satay @ The Bay… Hill Street One Will Do Fine!

20140125_203207Finally had the chance to check out Gardens By The Bay the other weekend (review upcoming) and was hoping to try out the new satay club, Satay By The Bay, too but didn’t get to ‘cos by the time me and my best mate got there, it was already rather dark in the night and with the eating attraction located at the far end of the park, we didn’t fancy walking all the way only to find (1) there’s no seats (2) too expensive (3) not that great; or (4) all of the above…

So, as we were near the central attraction of the giant fake tree structures that are free-to-gawk-at, we decided to just have dinner at the nearby eateries. There were a couple of choices – a Chinese restaurant, a fast food corner which featured Texas Chicken, and the one that we finally decided on, one offering local food fare – Hill Street Coffee Shop. And luck would have it, they have satay – woo-hoo – so we ordered a set with  3 chicken and 3 mutton sticks (above). And let me tell you, it’s rather good – the satay is with a delicious  peanut sauce and good helpings of cucumber, ketupat (rice cubes) and onion slices. So glad we didn’t have to walk all over the other end to get our satay fix!

20140125_204254_V2As it was Chinese New Year weekend, we also ordered a small yusheng set ($18.80, above). Okay, it looked great with strong colours but the veggies were clearly not freshly made as they were  a bit tough to chew and as the head waiter confessed – when we tried to order more of the crispy crackers – “sorry, but the yusheng came a fixed package…”  Oh well, it’s just “yi xi” (Cantonese for “meaning”) as we say, so we made do with what we has by reciting more than the usual dozen of Chinese New year blessings and wishes as we continue to toss!
20140125_203659Well, luckily we had a good dessert to end off our meal. We ordered the one that looks best on the newspaper-like menu, the Hill Street Ice Kachang. It was served as tall as it looked in the picture above. With a scoop of ice cream on top of a mountain of ice, drenched with condensed milk, coloured syrup and stuffed with loads of sweet goodies such as chendol, red beans and attap chee seeds (Nipah palm).

Including the kopi tiam type of kopi (coffee) and teh (tea) that they served, all in all, it was a decent meal to end a lovely walk at the stunning Gardens By the Bay. Prices are decent ranging between $6 and $15 for the main dishes, with beverages below that.

So if you are craving for satay at the Gardens but, like us, don’t fancy walking too far into the dark, just check out the local favourite at Hill Street Coffee Shop instead. Good enough to satisfy a craving like it did for mine. Shiok!



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