Sneak Preview @ Fish & Co


It was past eight and I was peckish for seafood. When the queue at nex’s Sushi Teh was way too long, my craving shifted swiftly from Japanese sashimi to Western deep fried offerings at fish & co.

Their fish and chips selection is extremely global: from New York to London to the Arctic to Bombay and even have a Singaporean version (got meh?) Well, with so many choices, I suddenly felt bored with only one choice of white meat to choose from.  So instead I opted for the eye-catching starter item Sneak Preview which offers nachos, prawn fritters, fried calamari and mini fish fillets. At $16.95, it cost just as much as the fish n chips items anyway.

Ok, it’s huge. Prob meant for a party of two or four who just want some bites before the main course. Still, it was enjoyable especially the deliciously crunchy prawns when smeared with tartare sauce and the crispy nachos dipped in a tangy salsa. The calamari rings were a tad too huge but still soft and chewy. A letdown are the mini fish fillets which – like what a KFC skeptic would claimed, “the over fried stuff are leftovers btyes from yesterday”.

Overall, it was not a bad dish and it gave me variety. For a family restaurant, it surprisingly has a wide selection of  cocktails; but being a working night I chose the safe sounding passion fruit drink which will be free flow if you add $2 to its $3.95 price.

Fish n co is not new but at least it changes its menu item often to keep it fresh. Must certainly try its multi-item platters one fine fishy day!

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