Vietnamese Bread of Life


“Must eat the baguettes!” exclaimed my colleague upon hearing I was embarking on a work trip to Ho Chi Minh City. And I can now confirmed, yup, the French loaves – in all sizes –  are really good over there!

My favourites are those mini club sandwiches they have which I had the great opportunity to try at the coffee house Market 39 at the Intercontinental Asiana Saigon. Called Banh Mi Kep Thit (literally bread together meat), cold cuts such as ham, pate, lettuce, carrot, sprinkled with a dash of pepper n coriander, are placed in a big baguette, then sliced into small pieces. A popular breakfast and lunch item with school kids and factory workers, it’s a simple food item but oh, so nice to munch and chew! Goes down well with either a delicious cup of Vietnamese coffee or a cooling coconut. Hmm, utterly yummylicious!


2 comments on “Vietnamese Bread of Life

  1. ristyface says:

    Looks delicious!


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