Fun Eats @ The Fat Cat

20140402_202800(**2015 update: The Fat Cat has now been replaced by Bar Bar Black Sheep. Check out my review of the new eatery at…

Always nice to see new eating places springing up at Holland Village and The Fat Cat is one of them. Semi-hidden on the “quiet side” of the popular heartland hotspot (read: Paris Silk/Famous Laksa/Subway side) namely Lorong Liput, the modern diner has a cool menu: it’s split into three categories – Thai. Western and Indian.

To say we were spoilt for choice was an understatement. As there were only two of us, we decided to go for a starter from each category. From Western, we ordered Truffle Fries ($6); from Thai, we opted for Crispy Pork Ribs ($12); and from Indian, we had Mantra Wings ($8) and an order of Kashmin Naan ($13) as the base food. Happy hours – called Purrfect Hours here – was till 8 and beer prices were good ($10-$12) but so was the wine – for certain dishes you order, you get 15% off housepours so we went for the latter.
20140402_202328Glad we ordered the Truffle Fries – it was super good! One of the best I’ve tasted. Simple and unpretentious yet the delicious taste and crispiness makes it so truly finger-licking good. The Thai Crispy Pork Ribs, though generous with about six huge pieces, were a disappointment as it was a tad tough and dry, and even the Thai chili sauce provided with it hardly add any kick to it.
20140402_202700Thankfully, the Mantra Wings compensated much for the ribs. Spicy and crispy, we could have ordered two portions and be very happy! The Kashmin Naan (below) was also a great choice too – its sweet fruity filling makes you feel like you are eating a fruit cake crepe! So good you can eat it on its own really…
20140402_202837And mind you, these are just the starters. Will definitely need to make return trips to try out the rest of the menu which have a wide range of main courses and desserts. Including wine, the appetitiser meal only came up to $60++ for two persons. Decent for a place that might just make a fat cat out of you (if you aren’t already one)!


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