German Grub & Grog @ Holland V


There are a couple of decent watering holes in Holland Village but it is the old warriors the likes of Baden Restaurant & Bar that’s still a favourite for me mates and I who live around the area as it’s small and cosy and seldom packed to the brim or overly noisy. Well, the Whitesnake tracks were rather loud tonight but then Happy Hours till 9pm make up for it with 1-for-1 mainly for house brand Erdinger ($9 for 500ml whc is mighty fine), other known beers and some mixed drinks.


And then there’s the food. The menu may look simplistic with a gaggle of German with English translations on plain yellow paper crumpled through years of usage but what comes out from the kitchen is anything but. We had wanted to go for the signature pork knuckle with baked potato n sauerkraut ($36) which was yummylicious the last time we had it but then decided to go for wider choice instead. So we opted for the Beer Feast #2 (above, $20) which offered french fries, potato wedges, calamari, chicken nuggets, breaded prawns, sotong balls and vege pizza dumpling. Great choice indeed cos bar the funny last item, the rest were lovely finger food that went great with the beer! All that for less than $40 for two persons too!

Super cool way to spend dinner before Saturday night footy!


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