May the 4th be with You – SG Style!

#Maythe4thSGMay 4. Star Wars Day. May the Fourth be with you. Yup, anything for a reason to celebrate everything Star Wars! This year, the force was definitely strong with Singapore. In January, Master creator George Lucas himself landed on our shores to officially open the Sandcrawler building that houses the regional headquarters of Lucasfilm, which in turn is now owned by the Walt Disney Company. Which in turn, when May 4th came round, offered me the opportunity to wear my classic Mickey Mouse-presents-R2D2 tee-shirt (for the Star Tours attraction at Disneyland Orlando) from way back in 2001, for the #Maythe4thSG event held at Jurong Regional Library today. Who would have thought the House of Mouse would one day own the entire Star Wars franchise???
20140504_180020As most Star Wars events are in Singapore, it’s often graced by the Singapore garrison of the 501st Legion  (Stormtroopers of all kinds, Darth Vader, et al)- whom I had the pleasure of interviewing for a Time Out Singapore feature way back in the early 2000s – and members of the FightSaber Academy (Jedi Knights from all realms).
It was great fun seeing fans of all ages, dressed up in super cool SW tee-shirts of various kinds and of cos the ardent fans in costumes, especially the kids like mini Darth above and check out the very shapely Boba Fett (in blue and silver)!



The FightSaber Academy was in full swing when we checked in: Mini Darth (left) was showing some mighty moves, guided by a master Jedi while mini Ironman  – hey, wrong movie, kiddo! – gamely took on a Sith on his own.


Among the many event highlights of #Maythe4thSG was the exhibition of custom stormtrooper helmets with designs by local and foreign artists (above) and which were to be auctioned with proceeds going to charity. Here are a couple of standout ones…

Zombie Trooper, meet Frankentrooper…



Dragon Trooper vs Storm-Ewok?!










Hello Trooper! Meet Super Storm Mario!









Here’s two of my favourites – these Transformer Troopers and a gorgeous Queen Amidala complete with bazooka on top of a burnt-out Stormtrooper helmet (lying on a furry mat no less). Bloody good imagination you must admit!

20140504_141837Last but by no means least, there’s this super cool quartet whom I thought were the Stormbeatles at first but were actually the Star Troopers as in Singapore Five-Star in patriotic red-and-white no less. Totally cool, they are.

All in all, a fun day out for every fan girl and boy who loves the spirit of Star Wars that has been with us for almost 4 decades.

May the Fourth be with you indeed!


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