A Tale of Two Lambs


I was in a lamb mood this week, can’t explain why. Anyway, earlier in the week, after a meeting in client in the east which brought me onto the MRT Green line, I decided to stop over at Bugis Junction to satisfy my lamb craving. There’s this Japanese place on the second floor called MOF (Ministry of Food) which oddly also serve the meat and pasta offerings from the American Italian restaurant Lena’s. Well, I like the place cos when it’s not packed, it’s quite a cosy place with a wide range of menu choices (American/Italian/Japanese – duh) and happy hours comprises either a glass of house wine or half a pint of Hoegaarden for just $7.50+.

Well, I like the lamb items here cos you can actually choose to have 2-piece or 3-piece, and thankfully, they ain’t miserable small pieces that some places have the cheek to serve you. So I went for the two-piece  ($16+), choosing a whipped potato and garden salad as the two sides provided, as well as black pepper sauce for the meat. Well, as you can see in the picture above, it ain’t half bad. And the red wine I went for andhad a very rich fragrant and taste. Surprisingly strong for a housepour really!
20140515_202000Days later, my craving did not subside. Not sure on hindsight whether the pieces I had at MOF/Lena’s now felt small considering it tasted rather fine (which meant I wanted more…). So on Friday night, there I was at my favourite haunt of Holland Village and well, there used to be this very good halal barbecue stall at the Holland Village Food Court (the corner coffee shop opposite the windmill with all the Pepsi ads) which unfortunately has since moved out to a destination unknown. (If anyone reading this know, please do tell). In its place is a new BBQ stall called iSteak Grill House which seem to be run by a bunch of tertiary students. Really. Well, its signboard resembles that of Aston’s Express so it was easy to make your orders, down to the weight of the patty or cutlet. Its prices were also quite like Aston’s so I was rather miffed at first of having to pay such high prices in a coffee shop. But oh well, I did have a craving to tackle.

I went for the lamb shoulder cos I never ever ordered one. It was $16 too and also come with two sides which I chose black olive rice and french fries (out of a dozen odd choices, quite good really) – rice cos just in case the shoulder is just one small round cutlet. Well, I was wrong – the piece was rather huge and well-grilled to a nice medium too. It was savory, chewy and served with a tasty jelly-like mint sauce with a dash of black pepper sprinkled over it. The french fries were crispy and the olive rice, though a tad raw on the sides, was yummy and went really well with the meat.

All in all, a good week for lamb. Can’t wait to see what I will crave for next week…


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