Edge of Glory: Sumptuous Sunday Champagne Brunch

20140601_140200These days, like high teas, you will be hard pressed to find any hotel Sunday brunch that cost less than $60-80++ per person, more likely they are between the range of $90-$150++. If we are going to have to pay that much for a single meal, the spread they offer better be decently impressive, in both quality of taste as well as variety of food selections. At $158++ offering unlimited Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label champagne and four hours for you to slowly savour every item on offer, the champagne brunch at Edge, the “coffee house” at Pan Pacific Hotel, is one recent buffet place that I’m mighty impressed with…
20140601_140002It has over a dozen live counters offering a wide selection of Asian cuisines such as Chinese, Malay, Indian, Thai and Japanese, and specialties such as roast meats, cold cuts, oven grilled seafood, pan-seared foie gras, breakfast favourites, and pancakes and waffles. Just the live seafood counter alone (above) had me at hello. The counter offered utterly fresh Alaskan King Crab, Boston Lobster, giant Tiger Prawns and oysters from France. B still my heart!

There were so much meat to choose from that you really didn’t know what to try and what you can live without. Luckily we found space to try a bit of everything: from the delicious Malay satay (beef and mutton especially) to the roast Wagyu beef served with a black pepper mushroom sauce.

20140601_140250Another area that really made my heart skipped was the very long table of cheese and bread offerings. Certain places would have charge a buffet price for such a wide selection alone.

The coolest item on it? Swiss Cheese Raclette that this server very patiently prepared a la minute using an electronic grill to heat up a scoop of cheese, carefully serving the absolutely yummy melted cheese over potatoes, pickles and onion. Pity I found the table only at the tail end or else I would have it side by side with my seafood at the start!


Last but not least, there’s also tons of bite-sized desserts in a wide array of colours to end your meal on a sweet note – from chocolate fondue to ice cream to candies of all shapes and flavours. After what all the food we have stuffed our faces earlier with, we were just happy to soak giant strawberries into our Veuve Clicquot which was generously served till 4pm.


Yes, all in all, a good time was had at Edge, and well worth the price even though it is a hefty $158++ (non-champagne is at $98++). A return trip is definitely in the works!



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