#TBTuesday – Buen Camino: Best Beer in Galicia!

L1040775If you know about the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, you would know that July is the dedicated month of St James,with July 25 denoted as St James Day. One of Jesus’ disciples, St James the Elder is believed to have been buried at a spot in a city in the north of Spain called Santiago de Compostela in the province of Galicia where now stands the famed Cathedral de Compostela. Every year, thousands of people from all walks of life would trek hundreds of kilometres – between 850km (the longest route starting from France)  to 100km (the least you must walk to get an official certificate to declare you are indeed a “pilgrim” – over mountains, hill and valleys, towards Santiago. July, though, is the month where it really gets packed and crowded with pilgrims since, you know, it’s the month of St James!
20130917_141720I embarked on Mi Camino in the merry month of September 2013 ‘cos I wanted AC weather to walk in. All my adventures I have chronicled in my previous postings under the “Camino de Santiago” category. On the month of St James 2014 however, I would just like to pay tribute to one of the best beers I have ever tasted and which is found in the beautiful Spanish province of Galicia – Estrella Galicia! A light lager with a fine balance of malts and hops that is refreshing and only slightly gassy, it was one of the things that truly made my day every time I partake of it then! (Next to finishing the daily trek every day, ie, of course!) It is often served chilled from the bottle or from tap, and it goes well with practically everything!

Fine beer in a bottle is hard to come by. That’s why I’m so glad that locally, I can now get Estrella Galicia at Joe The Grocer (Mandarin Galleria, not sure about the Dempsey branch). Spanish tapas and Galician beer for St James Day, SET! (Or, as we say it here in Singapore, ON AH!)




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