The Art of Star Wars: Posters

Star Wars_CircusAs yours truly is still filled with The Force with the recent launch of Star Wars Rebels, the latest Star Wars TV animated series that will start running in November on the Disney Channel, I was thrilled to find two free Star Wars art cards in the November issue of Total Film, the cool UK movie mag.

The two bigger-than-a-postcard sized cards are excerpts from an upcoming book, Star Wars Art: Posters. The tome comprises 40 years of poster art mainly of the original trilogy. The one above is of the original Star Wars (1977) before ‘A New Hope’ was added and it is a cool throwback to the vintage movie posters of the ’40s and ’50s. Entitled ‘Circus’ by Charles White III/Drew Struzan (1978), the original is said to be kept by George Lucas in his Skywalker Ranch. Definitely classier than some of the tacky cartoonish versions that you find on Uniqlo tees!
King's Lead HatThe other free card was this daunting impression of Darth Vader. Entitled ‘King’s Lead Hat’ (2010), it looks like a Metropolis take on his metal helmet, with little cowboys(?) at the bottom engineering the part man-part machine into the chilling killer that the Star Wars Galaxy know and fear. And nothing is more evident than that than the small Chinese characters engraved around his eyes – Si for ‘death’ in the space above the eye sockets and within on each side at the bottom of that drill-like thing, the characters for ‘left evil eye’ and ‘right evil eye’…  Brrrrr! Can’t wait to read the book to see how illustrator Rob Jones got his inspiration from!



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