5 Minion Gift Ideas (Till the next Movie Comes Around…)

Christmas is around the corner (yes, trust me, it will be sooner than you think you have time for) and for those of you who have Minion-loving friends, here are 5 Minion gift ideas you can consider getting without giving an arm or queuing up for hours at McDonald’s for:
20141012_1552161. Luggage Tags – These non-official items been around for quite some time and the designs are getting better (read: the minions looking more like the real thing) except some are labelled as “ME2” rather than “DM2”, hee. Oh well, it’s only S$2.50, so live with it.
20141012_1549412. EZ-Link Card Stickers – I love these! Just brighten up your day as you walk through the MRT turnstiles or hop onto a bus. Start from $2 and come in various designs.

3. Phone Cases – It takes a brave, not-shy friend to be able to carry this phone case off, especially if he or she has a Samsung Galaxy S4 (also available for other brands). This is for the back by the way so imagine that grinning minion on your ear when answering a call…


4. Plushies – The real Minion plushies are not cheap and I’m not even talking about the talking ones! But there are many of these cute lookalikes around – from Singapore to Bangkok to Hongkong/Taiwan – and they won’t cost you an arm or a leg either.
20141012_1608425. Lego Minion Minifigs – Now these really take some skills. If you really want to impress your friend (or kid), get a pack of Legos – and these are the really small ones, not the big ones of old – and create your own mini minions. Let me tell you, it ain’t easy… BUT the recipient is definitely gonna be mighty impressed! So, go for it I say!
Minions_posterPhotos Credit: Marguerita Tan Photography (bar movie poster)


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