M49’s Photo Musings #1

Kids in Copenhagen_psTo scan or not to scan? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself re: the thousands of photos that I had taken before the birth of digital cameras. The only solution I could come up with is – let’s take it one photo at a time. Let’s start with the ones that I would frame up on the wall or make into postcards. So, here’s the first – one of my favourite travel photos of all-time…

This shot was taken in the ’90s with my Minolta X-300 on Fujifilm during a press junket to Scandinavia – Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark – organised by the Tourism Authority of Thailand when I was a reporter for the now-defunct entertainment magazine, ETC. We were in Copenhagen for the tail-end of our media tour and were brought to The Round Tower, a 17th century observatory which is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe (even though the scientists have since left apparently)…

I love panoramic views and in whichever city I’m in, I always try to find out where the highest point – or at least high ground – is at which you can enjoy spanning views of the city. But for this instance, the view didn’t grab my attention. I have never really been a “people” person when it comes to photography but I do like kids. Especially if they are cute and orderly. Yes, very rare I know and hence when I saw this adorable group of school children, clad in rainbow-coloured winter clothing and patiently lining up to take their turn at the viewing machine, I just had to take a shot. After asking the teacher for her permission, I quickly waved to the kids to look at my direction and clicked two shots ‘cos I didn’t want to keep them waiting as some of them were already fidgeting – and it was rather chilly then – although a couple you can tell were extremely camera-ready. 🙂

After that, I just prayed like crazy all the way back to Singapore that at least one will turn out well ‘cos, as you know, using an SLR (without tripod) and film back then, chances of pictures being blur are very very high! Well, thanks be to God that one was picture-perfect and definitely one for the M49’s Photo Musings album!

Photo: Copyright (C) Marguerita Tan



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