M49’s Photo Musings #2: Sunset @ Dontanin


I love photographing sunsets. One reason is that it signals the end of another day that God has made; another – and main reason really – is the fact that I can never wake up early enough to catch sunrises!!

The above sunset shot was taken at the main road that passes through the village of Dontanin in the Prathai district of Thailand (5 hrs north east of Bangkok), outside the Dontanin Methodist Church. It may not feature the setting sun but I simply love how the fiery orange light up the evening blue sky into various soothing shades of yellow and orange, above a relatively busy road.

Everywhere I travel, I would ask for the breaking times of dawn and dusk and try and station myself then at the best places possible to take the best shots. Sunrise and sunset at Dontanin during winter is 0515 and 1715 hrs respectively. Took this with my Samsung Galaxy S4 with no filter added.

The next few days, God willing, I shall attempt to greet the sunrise here…


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