Most Memorable Vacation Breakfasts

In Singapore, I don’t really care much for breakfast as long as I have my must-have morning cup of coffee. When travelling however, a good breakfast is a must as it can get you going way past lunch time especially if your itinerary for the day is packed with must-dos.

So, as it’s National Breakfast Week in the UK, here’s my most memorable vacation breakfasts:
BF at The Thatched House (800x600)
1. Full English at The Thatched House, Sutton, Surrey, England
My first experience with a B&B in England provided me with my favourite breakfast of all -time. At The Thatched House in Sutton, Surrey (about 30 minutes by train south of London), a lady chef would come in first thing in the morning and offer to cook a typical Full English breakfast for you according to the way you like it, with choice of items namely eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes and baked beans.Including coffee/tea, juice, bread, cereals and fruits available on the side, this kind of breakfast is truly worth waking up early for (as the chef leaves sharp at 9am)!
Breakfast at Atlantic Star_22. Panoramic City Views at The Atlantic Star Hotel, Rome, Italy
In Rome, we stayed at the La Maison Royale, an apartment building that offers budget albeit spacious rooms. The interesting thing is that they are associated with the 5-star The Atlantic Star next door and free breakfast is provided at their rooftop cafe that offers magnificent panoramic views of the city, including a bird-eye’s view of the awe-inspiring St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City no less! (above) The buffet spread is great with a wide selection of cold cuts, hot items, cheeses, pastries, breads and cereals. But it is the views that you will remember for life here…
BF_Dass_Barcelona3. Fast & Cheap at Dass Restaurant, Arago, Barcelona, Spain
Our accommodation Hotel Europark has a decent breakfast spread but it’s not free and so whenever we need a quick one to kick off our day, we just crossed over to corner cafe restaurant Dass for a simple but perky EUR3 coffee and croissant set to get us going. Owner is friendly and service fast, so it was a really great way to start a day of sightseeing.
BF_3 Broomsticks (600x800)4. Three Broomsticks Tavern @ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando, USA
Have to say that the breakfast sets here are nothing to wow about but as you had to make a pre-paid reservation to eat here on a specific day as you booked the Universal Studio theme park passes months ahead, that being able to get here on schedule for my birthday in September 2012 made it memorable in more ways than one. That plus the fact that the Three Broomsticks – including Hogwarts and the Hogsmeade village – was created exactly like what they looked like in the Harry Potter movies added to the novelty that you seem to be in a real-life movie set. An absolute thrill for any HP fan! (Read my previous blog post at )
Capella_Eggs Benedict (800x698)5. Eggs Benedict & Mini Scones @ The Knolls, Capella Singapore, Sentosa
Rarely have certain items stood out for me at breakfast buffets but my staycation at Capella Singapore offered me not one but two out of their entire spread which include Japanese and Chinese fare. First up is their Eggs Benedict (above) which is one of the tastiest I’ve ever tried and also the most well-presented. The other goodie was their mini scones (below) so delicious when slapped with butter, jam and whipped cream that I almost ate a dozen pieces at one go… (Was very hungry that morning, really…)
Capella_Baby Scones (800x600)Follow more of my worldwide Grub & Grog adventures via the blog’s Instagram account at @musingsonthem49 (see column on right).


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