A Tale of Two Duck Confit

I love duck served Chinese style. Especially roasted duck. Soy braised duck too but not as much as roasted. Western style, I love it either as smoked duck breast with fruit salad or French-styled Duck Confit. Here’s a foodie’s tale of the latter…
The last great-tasting and well-presented duck confit I had was not in Paris but in Barcelona. Last summer, my travel pal and I actually wanted to stay at Hotel Colon located in the Gothic Quarter ‘cos it is located directly opposite the grand Cathedral (above, not to be confused with the Sagrada Familia, which is grander). But as there were no rooms available, we ended with the cheaper yet efficient Hotel Europark which, as grace would have it, offers us a great view of the Sagrada Familia in the distance!

Back to the duck confit: since we couldn’t stay at Hotel Colon, we planned to have dinner here at least. After a day tour, we ended up at the Gothic Quarter at 6.30pm and were gutted when told that the hotel restaurant had yet to open. (For those who’s never been, most restaurants in Barcelona generally open from 1-3pm and 8-11pm.) But we could have nibbles at the bar, the nice waiter said, and so off we went only to be surprised to be handed a pub menu with, hey, dinner items! They even converted our bar table into a proper dining one complete with white table cloth and cutlery. And yes, we still get a good view of hundreds of people taking selfies with the Cathedral through the bar windows. 🙂

20140822_180116 (800x520)
Well, needless to say, I ordered the duck confit (above). It may look sparse but it was truly well cooked with the meat tender and succulent, coming off the bone easily and served with a delicious red wine sauce and sweet slices of roasted pear sprinkled with thyme. I probably should have order a red wine with it but thirsty as I was then, I ordered a lager which ain’t half bad.

Which brings me to my latest duck confit escapade… The other day, I ended up at West Coast Plaza just because my spa at Star Vista had closed and I had to go to their next closest branch. Finding a French restaurant in a neighourhood mall is rather surprisingly to say the least but if it offers another food choice, why not?
2015-02-23 18.38.53 (653x800)The Confit de Canard ($18.80++) is The French Table’s signature dish and since the photo of it looks so good, I decide to try it. When it arrived, not only did the dish look so unlike its stylist-enhanced image, the leg was the flattest I have ever seen for a duck confit dish and the accompanying salad looked like it had seen better days. Thankfully, the confit tasted great – the skin was super crispy and the meat, though a tad dry, was savoury.  Okay, the salad wasn’t five-star standard but it was still edible (loved the walnut bits) and the mashed potato was delicious as was its gravy. I had wanted to order a side dish of truffle mash but the waitress scored brownie points by indicating that mashed potato comes with the dish. “Just like in the picture,” she quipped.

2015-02-23 18.36.33 (777x800)
Drink wise, I would have loved to try one of their French beers but couldn’t resist ordering a Sapporo Premium Beer which was on promo for just $5.90 (it’s usually above $8 even for a can). Went well with the main dish. Is definitely game to give The French Table another try after my next spa trip…


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