Fat Cat now a Black Sheep @HV

2015-03-19 19.43.35 (730x800)If there’s a new eating place that you want to try out, best to visit it within 12 months ‘cos new eateries in Singapore these days are “here today, gone tomorrow”. That’s what happened to The Fat Cat at Holland Village which has now become a Bar Bar Black Sheep (located next to electronics store Paris Silk along Lorong Liput diagonally opposite Katong Laksa).

At first glance at the menu, we thought it was rather similar to Fat Cat but not quite. While Fat Cat served Thai/Indian/Western cuisine, BB Black Sheep serves Indian/Western/Japanese. But just like Fat Cat, the Indian items were the main draw. There is a good selection of naans, meat, vegetable and rice items.  We ordered Butter Naan ($3.60), Chicken Malasa ($12) and Chana Masala ($7.20). As you can see from the picture above, the portions are small but just nice for two small eaters. The naan was cut into four slices, crispy and tasty. The Chicken Masala gravy was super good and though the naan went well with it, we did wonder for a split second whether we should have ordered rice instead to go with the gravy! The Chana was delicious too with a spicy flavour though the chickpeas could be a tad softer.

We ordered Calamari ($8.90) as appetizers but it was the last dish to arrive and it didn’t look appetitizing – it was not golden brown as those we are familiar with but pale and whitish. Still it was edible but definitely not fantastic.
2015-03-19 19.38.19 (600x800)Grog-wise they have a full bar – wines, beers, cocktails – and a handwritten note claimed “Happy Hours All Day” with beers on tap (Kronenbourg 1664, Asahi Dry,  etc) between $8 to $14 for half to full pints (not exactly happy hours prices we thought but we usually go elsewhere in Holland V for beers anyway).  Oh, and they don’t serve tap water here so you have to order posh H2O.

Overall, a decent place if you like to have a good selection of grub (esp Indian food) and grog at one place, and if you like to be at the quiet end of Holland V and away from the noise over at the livelier Lorong Mambong.


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