Avengers’ Goodies Assemble @VivoCity

2015-04-17 15.10.56 (800x611)

The much anticipated Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron will soon be upon us (23 April to be exact), so the good folks at Disney has set up an Avengers’ Experience area at the main atrium of VivoCity. First up, you will get to meet these four gorgeous life-size figurines of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk whom you are welcome to take selfies or wefies with. (Alas, there’s no Black Widow or the oft-neglected Hawkeye.)

2015-04-17 15.20.32 (800x600)2015-04-17 15.15.38 (800x601)

There’s lots of merchandise on sale: T-shirts (with a couple of cool designs this time round), masks, Thor’s hammer, stuffed toys, costumes for kids, stationery items for kids, pillows, Lego sets, and a whole lot more.
2015-04-17 15.25.12 (600x800)2015-04-17 15.26.28 (600x800)
There are also a few 18″ figurines of the superheroes on show – with a stunning one of the Hulk fighting with Iron Man…
2015-04-17 15.15.01 (800x600)
Along with some cute mini ones like these…
2015-04-17 15.34.46 (800x421)
… and these…
2015-04-17 15.15.15 (600x800)
… and these…

2015-04-17 15.21.40 (800x538)Kids will have fun at the booth too as they can reveal their inner Ironman at this simulation booth which is not unlike an arcade dance machine except the kiddo can gesture their movements onto the animated Ironman on the digital screen. I believed they can get free digital photo printouts from here too.
2015-04-17 15.30.51-1 (800x600)It’s not exactly Comic-con but hey, this Avengers Experience is free and there’s enough fun for both big and small kids to enjoy, like this adorable little hero posing coolly for me at the photo display for the cartoon series Avengers’ Assemble, the second season of which has just launched on Disney X D.
2015-04-17 15.21.57 (800x600)

The Avengers’ Experience runs till May 3, 2015 at VivoCity Main Atrium. Check it out!


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