The Force Awakens the Old, Ignites the New


“Chewie, we’re home…”

That Han Solo. Add this line to his catalog of great one-liners from the Star Wars saga. Just like millions of Star Wars fans around the world,  for me, the appearance of Han (in the form of a silver-haired but still macho Harrison Ford) along with his ever reliable sidekick Chewie (still Peter Mayhew in the “bear” suit) is arguably the best part of the official teaser trailer #2 of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Launched at the Star Wars Celebration event at Anaheim, California early yesterday morning (Singapore time), the latest teaser certainly awaken the Force in every SW fan worth his or her lightsaber (red or blue) more than the first one ever could because it merges the spirit of the SW movies past with exciting glimpses of the new SW galaxy.

Here are 10 shots that impressed me most…

1. A New Planet

Old: We see sand, lots of sand, just like on Tatooine…
New: It’s a new planet named Jakku. With a crashed X-wing Starfighter and Star Destroyer to boot. A new SW Monopoly set, we need…

2. Darth Becomes Him
SW2_Darth helmetOld: “The Force runs strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. And… my sister has it.” So said Luke to Leia in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi.
New: Assuming the narrator is Luke Skywalker since this shot shows Darth Vader’s badly destroyed helmet, but why did he say, “My father has it…”? Maybe Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader) will return as a ghost a la Obi-wan Kenobi or as a voice in the head like Qui-Gon Jinn. Nice.

3. R2-D2 will be back
SW3_Luke R2D2

Old: And so will C-3PO…
They will have new droids (BB8 to name but one) to contend with…

4. The Jedi legacy continues
The Force – it runs in the Skywalker family – Anakin, Luke, Leia…
… But who gets to inherit Luke’s lightsaber that fell from Cloud City (pictured)? Is Rey (Daisy Redley), the girl on the speeder bike in the last trailer, a next generation Skywalker? Or is she a Solo? Find out in December…

5. The New X-Wing Hero
There was Wedge (played by Denis Lawson, uncle of Ewan McGregor who plays Obi-wan Kenobi in Episodes I-III. For those of you who love trivia…)
New: Now there’s Poe Dameron (played by Oscar Isaac of Inside Llewyn Davis and A Most Violent Year fame). His scenes are brief in the trailer but man, check out his swagger when he strutted out on stage during the Star Wars Celebration panel discussion. As he said, his Poe is “the best freaking pilot in the galaxy”. Could the Force be with him then, and not Rey?

6. The Girl, The Droid and The Other Guy

SW10_Rey Finn BB8

Old: Action sequences with a female heroine, a cute droid and a character that helps out at the right time
From its appearance in the first teaser and at the Star Wars Celebration panel discussion, BB8 is definitely to be the new must-have SW toy. As the new female heroine, scavenger Rey is still shrouded in mystery although she definitely looks like one cool feisty freedom fighter. As for Finn (John Boyega) – every time he’s in a stormtrooper suit, he’s always looking stressed, breathless and sweaty. In plain clothes (as above), he still appear stressed, breathless and sweaty. Still out on this one, jury is… But at least he’s easier on the eye than JJB…

7. New Sith Lord

SW11_Kylo Ren

Old: Where there’s Jedi, there must be Sith
New:  Seems this is the new villain Kylo Ren. Whether he is the owner of the cross-guard lightsaber remains to be seen. I’m still trying to get the hang around the circular-handle of Star Wars Rebels’ the Inquisitor’s double blade saber…

8. New Look Stormtroopers

SW12_StormtroopersOld: Stormtroopers, have them we must…
New: Critics feel they look more cartoonish now but hey, in today’s Cyber Age, they need to fit in on various platforms such as games, cartoons and toys. Stormtrooper cosplayers have eight months to remodel their costumes…

9. Caped Fear
SW21_Chrome StormtrooperOld:
There was Boba Fett….
New: This caped chrome stormtrooper is believed to be the one that is making Finn shake and sweat in the white stormtrooper suit. One thing for sure, this will be arguably the most sought-after action figure after BB-8. And oh, the very first female Star Wars villain at that! (Played by someone from the popular Game of Thrones too, no less…)

10. “Chewie, we’re home”

SW26_Han ChewieOld: *Insert Chewbecca’s roar* 
Han and Chewie, need we say more? Can’t wait to see what “home” looks like. And Leia (the lovable Carrie Fisher) and the kids (maybe)… Wonder when the new Millennium Falcon Lego set will arrive?….

For those who were hibernating under a 3rd rock from the sun in the past few days, here’s a link to the SW: TFA teaser trailer #2…

Till December 2015 then, May the Force be with You…

Photos and Video credit: Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm


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