May the 4th be Awaken in You…

L1100432 (800x495)During the past weekend, the Force was extremely strong at the eastern end of Suntec City Mall… Yup, it’s the Celebrate The Force event to commemorate Star Wars Day, May the 4th, which falls on a Monday this year (read: working day for most Singaporeans)…
L1100441 (800x534)
Organised by the same legion of Star Wars fans who did the Maythe4thSG event at Jurong Library last year, the 2015 showcase seem more happening probably because everything that mattered were grouped in one area and not spread over a couple of floors. It sure attracted a good crowd over the two days.
L1100410 (800x534) L1100408 (800x534)
There were cool SW artwork…
L1100413 (800x534)
Cool SW photography using Lego figures (forgot to jot down the name of the photographer who took this, my bad…)
L1100430 (800x534)
And toys…
L1100422 (800x534)
…and toys…
L1100423 (800x534)
…and more toys!
L1100409 (600x800)L1100439 (599x800)
And of course, no SW event can do without the geeks with their fabulous home-made SW costumes…
L1100436 (600x800)L1100416 (601x800)
…and who never ever break sweat to pose with anyone who wants a photo with them. Bless!
L1100429 (534x800)
There were some of the awesome custom-made lightsabers on display. The toy ones from Toys R Us were sold out within hours, both on site as well as at the actual store upstairs!
L1100425 (608x800)
For the kids, learning how to “force push” and “vruwwwooom vruwwwooom” their lightsaber from a Jedi Master was simply awesome!
2015-05-02 15.25.09 (800x449)
All in all, a real fun time was had by all.

May the 4th be with You… till The Force Awakens this Christmas… 🙂

All Photos by Marguerita Tan Photography 2015. No text or images are to be used without permission from the blog author.


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