A Tale of Two Sandwiches

2015-04-23 13.10.51 (800x800)
When I posted this too-large-for-one’s-hands sandwich on Instagram recently, it garnered the most likes of all my grub pix thus far. Maybe it’s the glorious overflow of beef and cheese mash-up oozing out of the bread, or maybe it’s just so greasy and unhealthy looking – which meant it must taste as yummy as it looks (hee hee). Well, it WAS really nice…

“A must have for meat lovers” the menu cried and I couldn’t resist ordering it. From Cafe Mondo at Orchard Central, the signature Foccacia Beef Mondo ($11.80) is minced beef drenched with a special Mondo sauce, baked with mozzarella cheese and laid between soft fragrant herbal foccacia bread. If you want to be dainty, you can eat it with a fork and knife, but surprisingly the ingredients held up quite well when you hold and eat it burger-style with two hands. Wished the item came with fries though ‘cos though the accompanying salad is a “healthier” choice, the balsamic dressing they put on it leaves a sour taste in the mouth and doesn’t at all go with the scrumptious savoury sandwich.
2015-04-23 13.06.57 (488x800)Luckily, the root beer float ($6.50) I ordered was delicious and was a great choice to end my meal with. Ever since A&W left our shores – when are you coming back?!? – it’s been hard-pressed to find good root beer floats anywhere, but the one at Cafe Mondo is really good – sweet tasty root beer with creamy vaniall ice-cream and whipped cream.

In total, plus tax and all, the lunch came up to $21.30. A tad hefty for lunch but then again, it was a satisfactory one…
2015-04-09 18.53.43 (800x542)

… Which brings me to my second sandwich story… Been wanting to try one of the new lobster rolls places in town so I was thrilled when an ex-colleague brought me to Platypus Kitchen, located at a quiet corner at Bugis Junction, a few weeks ago. It was good timing cos this was before the Straits Times announced that due to the shortage of Boston lobsters, a few of the “lobstercentric” restaurants raised their fees. Glad we went before then ‘cos as you know, lobsters ain’t cheap…

2015-04-09 18.53.17 (800x500)

Playtpus offers a good range of pastas and risottos (from $11 to $18), but we zoomed right into the lobster rolls. I had the Traditional Roll ($23.90) which is butter-poached lobster meat with roasted-garlic mayo, chives and sea salt, while my friend ordered the Lemon & Piquant Garlic ($23.90) which is mayo-free and has butter-poached lobster meat with lemon-marinated garlic, tomato and parsley. When the dishes were served, we were surprised that the presentation was rather flat and unappealing, considering the price and place. Also, each set was supposed to come with sides of truffle French fries but we hardly tasted any truffle on them which made us regretted not ordering a side dish of proper truffle fries instead. Luckily, the lobster meat itself was meaty and delicious although the roll could be softer – it basically acted as just a “boat” for the meat and though its a “roll”, nobody in the restaurant was eating it hotdog-style….

2015-04-09 18.49.18 (628x800)The cool part of the meal was having a nice chilled bottle of Mexican beer Sol at just a mere $5++.  I guess lobster rolls have to be a once-in-a-blue-moon thing if you are not rolling in money.  Or else The Uni Roll (at $35.90) which is Boston Lobster tossed in Sea Urchin butter topped with cavier and Sea Urchin cream, sounds extremely interesting to say the very least. Maybe we will find something similar, if not better, at another lobster shack place…

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