The New Capitol & Angelina (of Paris, not Jolie)


Another old classic building in Singapore has been restored and this time it’s the Capitol Theatre, hallelujah! Located at Stamford Road diagonally opposite Raffles City, the old cinema and its white bricked perimeters – built in 1904 – have been totally refurbished and revamped with new lifestyle stores and eateries, complete with an adjacent piazza with even more shopping and dining outlets.


Now in the complex known as the Capitol Galleria, the Capitol theatre is off and running – the Singapura musical premiered here – and it feels so good to know it can have a new lease of life rather than being abolished like our poor National Theatre.


The Galleria seems almost completed with many lifestyle stores (jewellery, beauty, fashion) opened in the outlets facing the street. The eateries here – such as Tap Craft Beer Bar, 1933 and Dazzling Cafe are already doing brisk business, especially Angelina of Paris (more on this later).


Over at the Piazza side, things are rather quiet in the early evening with many of the basement dining outlets seemingly yet to start business. Eateries such as Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant and Palette (kind of an atas Food Republic with individual restaurants within rather than hawker stalls) though were in operation but  very empty for a weekday evening. Maybe 630pm was too early for dinner…


Wanting to eat at a place where there are “more people”, I opted for Angelina back at the Galleria side. Though they have meaty (and veggie) main courses, I decided I shall try their famous gourmet pastries for dinner.

Must say the service staff here is impressive – the moment I sat down (and I was asked where I prefer to be seated), I was told they can’t serve me drinking water as “the building has some problem with the tap water” but will do so once they are given the go ahead. No worries, coffee will do fine for the time being, I told the affable waiter (whose name is Harun if the bill is right…)

When I asked Harun whether I should go for an éclair chocolat or their signature offering, the Mont-Blanc (the pastry, not the pen), he politely said it’s my preference BUT hinted quite adamantly that for something different and not ordinary (like an eclair), I should go for the signature item. Well, it was certainly unique. The Mont Blanc (pictured above) is like a cupcake with chestnut cream vermicelli covering a mould of light whipped cream with meringue beneath it. It was delightful but not something that rocks my world…


Which was why I decided to go for something familiar like the Opera. Harun agreed “if you are a chocolate of coffee lover, you’d love this!” I’m both so bring it on! And oh, what a choice. It’s  layers of soft coffee and milk chocolate mousse one of top of the other, followed by almond chocolate biscuit soaked in coffee and ending with a crunchy praline biscuit at the bottom. Every slice I cut and eat was a slice of goodness. This, I would come back for! It came up to about $38 for a coffee  and two gourmet pastries, but I guess you are paying for the quality and the name… (and most probably the rent…)


Well, glad to see another new place to explore new dining and shopping options. Must say it’s nice to see a new venue where you don’t see brands that you would find in every other mall. Hopefully, the new Capitol is here to stay for good…


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