Meaty Munches @ RV Burger


There was a time when the only eatery I would travel to River Valley Road on a super hot afternoon for was Boon Tong Kee and its chicken rice (and fried tofu with mayo). Thanks to friends’ recommendation, now there’s a burger joint there which serves up humongous and yummilicious burgers that warrants multiple visits as well.


RV Burger, Pasta & Grill is sited perfectly at a corner of the River Valley shophouse row of eateries and shops (and just a stone’s throw away from BTK). Its menu is extensive, filled with a unique variety of gourmet burgers, platters, pasta, grilled items, desserts and beverages.


Our gang of eight that Sunday (only day they open by 11am, other days are from 4pm) tried an assortment of burgers – from beef to fish to plain mushrooms. What’s amazing was how big the portions were, even without chips! Even the lads among us were persuading their girlfriends to “we share,  ok?”! I had the Three Little Pigs ($15, above) which is crispy roast pork with back and streaky bacon, flanked by cheddar cheese and lettuce. The pork was meaty and tasty but on hindsight should have gone for a beef choice cos the beef patties were really succulent and juicy.


For sharing, we ordered a Poutine ($12) which was a deliciously looking pile of crispy fries drenched with beef chili con carne, nacho cheese, mayo, kidney beans and jalapeno. Yes, it’s as good as it looked!


We also had a platter that was a combo of fried chicken wings, onion rings, fries and meatballs of some kind. Not the greatest thing on earth but fun to chew on anyway.


We were all too full to make it to dessert or else we’d have loved to try the Irish Bailey Ice Cream ($10) which looked absolutely enticing on the table next to us…

All in all, definitely a place to visit again for the meaty tasty burgers and to try the other menu items. Only bugbear is that the place is rather small and if you have a large group, it can get rather squashy indoors, though the al fresco area should have more room and more bearable temperature wise in the
evenings. It has a full service bar too, so what’s better than to have a nice cold beer to go with a juicy beef burger? Should plan for my next visit to RV Burger soon…


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