Chicken Delight @ Poulet


Poulet, the casual diner that serves French fare, has been around for quite some time but I have never got round to trying it cos (1) there’s usually a long queue at each outlet I chanced upon and (2) friends who’d tried it mainly complained about the slow and bad service.

Last Sunday though, I finally got the chance to try it as me and two friends came upon an outlet with no queue at the new wing of Chinatown Point. (It was rather late by then, about 9pm).

Service was prompt as the place wasn’t packed and the waitress duly told us that the salads are all out (wah, very healthy people dining in Chinatown!)


So instead of having Salad de Canard Fume (smoked duck) as a starter, we decided on the Pissaladiere de Canard ($13.90) which was a good choice. A French pizza if you will, succulent slices of smoked duck with basil leaves are placed on puff pastry so light and crispy, it was really a joy to munch on.


Of cos, trying the chicken dishes is a must. We shared a Poulet Roti (Half, $15.90) and within a few bites, realised just exactly what’s the fuss over Poulet was all about. The meat was well roasted, tender and tasty, with a yummy mushroom sauce to boot. For its price, the dish was definitely a real steal.


Being fans of the Disney cartoon, we couldn’t resist ordering the Ratatouille ($5.90) as a side. It’s a flavourable dish comprising eggplants, bell peppers, zucchini and tomatoes, but it probably excites veggie lovers more than carnivores…


For dessert, one of our choices was the Peach Clafoutis ($7.90, above). It was decent – tasted like ice cream on soft cake with the peach you have to search for deep at the bottom…


The Tiramisu ($7.90), on the other hand, was a pure delight. It was presented in a cool looking jar, and the chocolate/cream/rum combo is just the right mix. Definitely recommended.

There was actually a credit card promotion that offers a free Creme Brulee if the bill comes up to $60 but although our sum – including our drinks and two desserts – came up to $66 by then, we were way too full to take on another rich dessert!


All in all, a satisfactory meal with great tasting fare and easily one of the best-looking dinners I’ve ever eaten. Certainly worth another visit (if there’s no long queue, that is) …


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