Sizzlin’ Steamboat @ The Buffet


Had “battleship” – as Uncle Harry once codenamed it – last week and has to say it was arguably one of the most enjoyable steamboat dinners I ever had. Located on the 2nd level of M Hotel,  The Buffet (not to be confused with Cafe 2000 downstairs) serves international buffet for lunch and steamboat buffet for dinner. Though there are cheaper alternatives at,  say, Liang Seah Street or Chinatown, I dare say that the steamboat buffet spread here at the M is extremely value for money…


For starters, there are at least 4 choices of soup to choose from – chicken, pork and fish, tomato and laksa – and more than 50-60 seafood, meat, vegetable and noodle items to pick from and that’s not even counting the wide range of desserts available! Unlike some fancy steamboat restaurants, ingredients for sauces (above) are unlimited and they even have Chinese herbs like wolfberries and dates which make your chicken broth taste so much better!


The seafood selection was extensive with flower crabs, tiger prawns, scallops, oysters, white clams and even small whole promfret fish!


A key highlight is the drunken prawns which is served in a bowl right at your table (rather than having everyone fighting for them at the cooking station I reckoned…) They also have a different special cooked item every weekend – for us, we had some very delicious pepper crab which ran out by the first hour! Phew, lucky we reached here early!


Meat-wise, have to say the servings here were extremely fresh and tender especially the pork and beef strips. If you have a great appetite, this place will be a haven I assure you!


There was a very enticing Yong Tau Foo counter…


… and loads of veggies… these are just the colourful ones – the healthier green ones are in abundance on another side, from kang kong to dou miao to lettuce…


… and a variety of noodles if you fancy them; if not, there are options of white rice (which was really soft and fluffy) or fried rice.

It will be hard but do try and make room for dessert. This run from sweet potato soup to different flavoured ice cream, to mini cakes and tarts. Oh, let me tell you, the durian puree is to die for!

With free-flow soft drinks (served in cute plastic bottles at your table) and coffee and tea at the end of your meal, the Buffet price of SGD55++ (weekday) / SGD65++ (weekend) is truly worth it. Not to mention the attentiveness of the managers/waitresses who came ever so often to check on the fire strength, soup replenishment, changing of plates or simply asking “is everything alright?”

Great food and good service, can’t ask for anything more. Will definitely be making return trips to The Buffet!


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