Star Wars hyperspeeds into Disney Infinity 3.0 (and Beyond)

2015-08-17 18.30.51 (800x600)
This is going to be a very expensive year for Star Wars fans. Before Star Wars: The Force Awakens (TFA) descends on us on Dec 17, we already have the Uniqlo T-shirts, while the Hasbro TFA toy line is scheduled to be launched on Force Friday Sept 4 (aka my birthday… *grin*). And inbetween, on Sept 1, we have this – a total Star Wars game experience which can be found in the award-winning console game, Disney Infinity 3.0.
Just as you can be Ironman (or any other Marvel hero) and help save the world in Disney Infinity 2.0, the new 3.0 edition will feature three immersive Star Wars play sets namely Twilight of the Republic (Clone Wars era), Rise Against the Empire (classic trilogy period)  and The Force Awakens (due out at a later date), which offer varied gameplay, environments and characters.
2015-08-17 18.34.59 (800x659)
To play Disney Infinity 3.0, you need a Starter Pack (RRP: SGD99.90) which comprises the 3.0 video game software, a base, a play set piece, two interactive figures (Anakin Skywalker and his padawan Ahsoka Tano – as seen in starter pack pictured above) and a web code card (to unlock content for PC/mobile). If you have the 2.0 base, you don’t need a new one but you will need the play sets (SGD54.90) and figures (SGD22.90) which are also sold separately. If you are a PC gamer, 3.0 is available for download on the website – – but the figures naturally are only available in animated form. Not quite as cool as like having Obi-wan Kenobi strutting his stuff in front of you on a base as you play but I’m sure the Force will still be there…
2015-08-17 18.33.30 (800x427)
What’s really cool are the dozen beloved Star War figures available that you can role-play as in the game sets – this ranges from Darth Vader and Master Yoda, to Han Solo and Chewbecca, to the motley crew from Star Wars Rebels (pictured above). Best bit of all, you can play any SW character in any of the SW play sets. Let Princess Leia kick Darth Maul’s ass in Twilight of the Republic? Possible!
Most of the Disney Infinity figures will be available separately and I foresee the figures themselves becoming collectibles (in fact, they actually look better than the first TFA 3″ toys I’ve seen online so far). This gorgeous Boba Fett for sure will become a much sought-after item as, of now, it will only be available as an exclusive with Sony’s PS4/PS3 Starter Pack limited edition release (SGD179.90).
The artwork for the games is nothing short of stunning and the designers have worked very hard to make sure that the look of the Star Wars universe is as close as to what fans knew them as, be it Tatootine, Endor or Hoth.
In addition to the three play sets, the SW characters can also be used in the Toy Box segment of Disney Infinity 3.0 where the heroes are called upon to prevent a Toy Box Takeover, and also – as an ode to the rather successful pod-racing PC game from SWE1, there’s also a Toy Box Speedway where you can have Yoda or Kanan Jarrus racing other Disney characters a la Formula One!
2015-08-17 20.16.26 (800x537)
What I liked most about the Infinity game is that there are a lot of instructions in-game to show you what to do and where to go – Battlefront this aint. It will allow hours of fun without too much strategising and you get to immerse in the Star Wars universe that you love and know so well. It’s truly a game for all ages. And definitely one for any ardent SW fan!
2015-08-17 18.55.14 (548x800)
The Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack will be in stores on Sept 1.


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