Tiers of Joy @ Lime

2015-09-12 15.03.38 (800x799)It may be in the heart of Chinatown, but I love the cosy, eco-friendliness feel of Parkroyal on Pickering. So much so that I’ve always try to find ways and means to get friends and family to dine there. Last week, managed to twist my little brother’s arm to bring me and his wife to try out the afternoon tea at Lime, the hotel’s casual dining restaurant.
2015-09-12 15.09.22 (800x600)
From 3-6pm daily, Lime offers Tiers of Joy, an afternoon tea designed for two, and decently priced at $38++. The offering (subject to change) include raisin scones, assorted macarons, various pastries, and five types of finger sandwiches comprising the usual suspects of egg/tuna/ham/cucumber and salmon. What you see above are two sets – which is too much for three persons – but as the nice waitress said, “If  cannot finish, we can pack it for you to bring home!” Alrighty then!

We started with the scones as the waitress also advised us to “eat it while it’s still warm!” Yes, it was really nice when it was warm and the jam and creamy butter provided made it even better. The sandwiches were presentable although personally I would prefer them to be all salmon if one can make demands. (I can never understand what’s the point of a cucumber sandwich…)
2015-09-12 15.37.46 (800x800)The assorted tarts were really pretty to look at. Top points go to the Earl Grey Brownies, Orange-Choco Tarts and Mango Financiers; the ones with raspberries though probably were an acquired taste even though taste and look-wise, they were indeed unique.
2015-09-12 15.12.00 (800x800)Last but not least, topping the tier are the colourful macarons which are sold at $3 each at the Lime Patisserie. Super sweet, it would make your coffee and tea totally tasteless unless you usually have it without sugar anyway.

With high tea buffets fast becoming a thing of the past, “tier” afternoon tea is what we have to live with now. Lime’s Tiers of Joy isn’t the best tea tea offering I ever have, but  it’s still mighty decent for its price. What’s more, you get to enjoy it in a pleasant-looking hotel with great ambience. Good way for catching up with family, friends and acquaintances.

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