Star Wars Rebels 2 – The Dark Side Cometh

SW Rebels_TSOL_POster
Star Wars Rebels Season 2
returns in October and I’m seriously looking forward to it. Must confess that it took me a long while to warm up to the motley crew of the starship Ghost. Granted there was a lot of backgrounding stories that need to be told, yet still there’s something about everyone – bar Hera, the matured, wise-cracking pilot – that irks me and it was very hard-pressed to have warm feelings for any of the key characters.


The animated series, which runs on Disney X D, however eventually got better and much more engaging towards the end of the debut season, especially from the episodes where renegade Jedi Kanan Jarrus finally acceded that he – the last of the Jedis – simply have to teach wayward teen Ezra the ways of the Force properly ‘cos, well, since the Force is indeed “strong” with the lad. The storyline by then was also strengthened by the appearing of Star Wars characters who have more, for want of a better word, “backbone”. First it was Master Yoda, or rather, his voice of reason, when he gently lectured Kanan at the Jedi Temple on Lothal in the episode, “Path of the Jedi”. The other is one of the cool characters from the previous and really good Star Wars animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – fan favourite Ahsoka Tato, the former Jedi Padawan of one Anakin Skywalker…

                                                                                  ***possible spoilers ahead***

SW Rebels_ Darth with stormtroopers

Ahsoka, who appeared in the last episode of season 1 (“Fire Across The Galaxy”), kinda gave a new hope (pardon the pun) that Star Wars Rebels Season 2 is not only going to bring the excitement up a few notches, it will also tie the series closer to classic Star Wars roots. And my oh my, judging by the 1-hr premiere  episode, Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal (which was first telecast in the US in June, premiering in Asia in October) with the mind-blowing appearance of the Father of all Space Villains himself, SWR2 is already off to a great start! I mean, let’s face it, even in animated form, Darth Vader is seriously one intimidating dude. In TSOL, after The Inquisitor’s mission failure, the Sith Lord is assigned by Grand Moff Tarkin, Commander of the Outer Rim Territories, to hunt the rebels down and needless to say, Vader’s not the kind to take any prisoner alive…

Star-Wars-Rebels-Season-Two-Darth n JedisIf Kanan and Ezra thought the Inquisitor was a handful, they ain’t seen nothing yet. One of the most hair-raising sequences in TSOL is when the not fully-trained Jedi and his not-quite-there-either apprentice come face-to-face with the Sith Lord himself on Lothal, after the duo and their team tried to rescue Minister Maketh Tua (of the Imperial Security Bureau) who had sought the rebels’ help to deflect from the Empire. Cue the Lightsabers!

star-wars-rebels-season2_Ahsoka Tano w crew
Also in this episode, the Force seems to be strong in a good many people. But for the ones that matter, namely Kanan and Ezra, they just want to know who the scary dude in black is. This is where Ahsoka comes in… On board the Ghost ship with Hera as they fight alongside the Phoenix Squadron against the Empire, Ahsoka tries to use the Force to identify the Sith Lord who had terrified the lads, only to get chills down her spine when an all-too-familiar voice (albeit with a much deeper tone) senses her presence just as easily…

2015-08-17 18.33.30 (800x427)If you haven’t watched Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal, the hour-long movie will premiere on Disney X D on Sat October 3 at 8am (Singapore time). If you have, it’s worth a second viewing I’m sure you will agree. The rest of Season 2 should follow suit every Saturday thereafter. (And look out for the Star Wars Lego short films, Star Wars Chronicles: Droid Tales on weekends as well – they are brilliant and downright hilarious!)

You can also enact fun adventures with the Star Wars Rebels – and other Star Wars heroes – in the Disney console game, Disney Infinity 3.0 (see

Meanwhile, here’s the trailer for SWR2:

May the Force be with You.



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