Scrumptious Seafood @ Brizo

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At buffets, I often just park myself next to the seafood counter as most of the time, it will have items that I don’t usually cook at home or can’t afford to eat regularly (eg, lobsters, Alaskan crabs, oysters, clams, crayfish, etc). So, I was rather thrilled to find out that some hotel restaurants here do have seafood-centric buffets.  Last Friday, a friend and I decided to try the new “Ahoy! It’s a Seafood Night!” promotion at Brizo Restaurant and Bar @ Park Hotel Clarke Quay. With a quick glance across the buffet counters (which weren’t many), we knew we were going to eat till we drop…
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For starters, the gorgeous looking seafood paella had us at “hello”. It was the first thing that caught our eye as we are led to our table – it had its own spotlight -and it was the first one we made a bee-line for. After our trip to Barcelona, we have fallen in love with this Spanish dish and seriously we have yet to find a good one here in Singapore. This one looked and tasted good. I would have prefer the rice to be slightly more moist but then it went extremely well with the fresh prawn, mussel and clams, so let’s not be too picky…

Photo by Marguerita Tan

There were crabs galore, be still my heart. I would have be happy just eating the deliciously spicy Brizo Signature Singapore chili crab alone as there is even crispy mantou (toasted buns) provided in the bread section. However, a little voice reminded me that there is more to explore on the buffet line. OK, good advice…
2015-10-02 19.04.56 (640x480)The pepper crab is just as good, and if you prefer it just steamed and then chilled, it’s available at the cold section, which include other items such as prawns, escargots, mussels and, oh, some of the best oysters I have ever tasted.
2015-10-02 19.07.27 (640x522)We had a field day with the prawns too – they came in barbecued, steamed and chilled, and in prawn roll form. And all items were fresh, well cooked and really tasty. That goes for the Venus clams too, which were cooked Chinese-style.
2015-10-02 19.20.53 (480x640)
And oh, as if the spread isn’t good enough, the buffet also includes a special serve-at-your-table, Lobster In A Pan. It was served wrapped up in paper and in a basket, and was chock-ful of ingredients including lobster, prawns, crab pincers, corn on the cob, potato and carrot! The portion – cooked in garlic sauce – seriously was too much, considering there were soooo many items to try at the buffet. The fact that it normally cost $48++ already made it really worth while but it also made us quite guilty of not being able to finish it as we need to save ‘stomach space” for other items…
2015-10-02 19.12.07 (480x640)2015-10-02 19.11.02 (575x640)
Presentation wise, the buffet was very well laid out and you can see the effort made in making the food items look good and inviting. The dessert counter though was nothing fancy but it does has a chocolate fountain, self-serve coffee and tea, and best of all, durian pengat, which was obviously the most popular dessert for local diners like us. Yum!
2015-10-02 19.11.23 (640x640)
Verdict: My dream buffet come true. It used to be red meat with seafood on the side but for now, seafood buffet is it. At $65++ per person, absolutely worth it considering that just one huge Sri Lankan crab will cost you at least $26 from a zi char hawker stall. Not forgetting that $48++ Lobster in a Pan too (albeit could be a smaller portion served, but even then..). Considering the wide selection, really worth the price.

“Ahoy! It’s a Seafood Night!” promotion will be on Thu-Sun for dinner till Dec 27 . If you love seafood, this is the one you should set sail for…


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