Yummy Munchies @ Paddy Hills

2015-10-09 13.10.58 (547x640)

Had lunch with an ex-colleague the other day and since she was driving, we decided to venture afar where neither my Bus #11 (read two legs) or the MRT can get to easily. So off to South Bouna Vista Road we went, to the relatively new cafe Paddy Hills which has taken over the corner spot along an exclusive row of shophouses where a very popular soy duck rice stall used to be.

For a hipster joint, Paddy Hills looks classier than most, from its eye-pleasing decor to the layout of the dining areas. For lunch time on a very rare sunny afternoon (with still a hint of haze), the place was already quite packed but service was fast and attentive.

The diner has different menus for daytime and nightime. Daytime was already interesting enough, with a great selection of appetisers, main courses, sides and various beverages. Prices are not exactly wallet-friendly – entrees are mostly $18 up, sides average $15 – but when our orders arrived, we could see that much thought has gone into presentation and portion of each dish, from the lovely crockery to unique ingredients used.
2015-10-09 12.55.14 (549x640)2015-10-09 12.56.34 (640x640)
We kicked off our meal with well-concocted quenchers ($7), Rise And Grind (yogurt, grapefruit and lime) and Yuzu Effervescene (yuzu, palm sugar, vanilla extract) which were both sweet and refreshing. We also had Truffle Fries ($15) which is one of the best I’ve ever eaten. The chips were very crispy and showered with fine bits of cheddar, garlic and sage leaves. The portion was also so generous that I could ta-pow home and have it as a dinner side later that evening!
2015-10-09 13.05.05 (547x640) Their Quesadillas ($20) are also nicer than most. Firstly the pieces are huge and well stuffed with pulled pork and cheese, garnished with pretty roasted peppers, avacado, charred corn and a dash of mayo. Really yummy. If you want something light, this is worth having. This is actually placed under their Breakfast items which are served all-day (except night)…
2015-10-09 13.10.32 (598x640)Lastly, we went for the Golden Man Tou Sliders ($25) ‘cos it sounds so interesting and meatylicious. It’s mini beef burgers with 3 cheeses sandwiched in man tous (crispy mini buns) that are usually used for chili crab gravy dipping. They were certainly fun and tasty to munch and add to that, interestingly served with lovely thin crunchy purple sweet potato fries and sweet watermelon cubes.

Would really love to end with a coffee but we suspected the damage would relatively be quite high for lunch – it came up to $74 exact for two persons (didn’t realise then that service charge and GST were not included or else we would have left a tip…)

All in all, a nice eatery to hang out at. Just wished it was easier to get to for one without a car. Now, which other friend of mine drives and can chauffeur me to check out their nightime nosh?…


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