Prague – Under The Bridge


When in Prague, it’s finding things outside the touristy stuff that will thrill you. After an intriguing 3-hr tour of the Prague Castle Complex, the city’s main attraction, I chanced upon a side track whilst walking towards the iconic Charles Bridge to get back to “the other side” that is Old Town. Was wondering why were people approaching the river on an unlit bank… Gingerly making my way on soft sand, I saw the attraction: a good hundred beautiful white swans had parked themselves along the riverbank! This picture was taken off someone’s flash. Not in picture was this humongous beaver which popped up from nowhere to join the swans on the bank which, if truth be told, cut short many of us spectators’ viewing time, cos it was really huge and none of us think it was as tame as the swans! Oh well, the moment was certainly good while it lasts!

Photo by Marguerita Tan.


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