Prague – Rooftop viewpoints


Everywhere you turn along the River Vltava in Prague, there’s sure to be a picturesque view of Prague Castle that you have never seen before. This breathtaking view above comes courtesy of the rooftop viewing gallery of the iconic Dancing House building, located south along the river just a few blocks away from the majestic National Theatre.


The can’t-missed-it building – nicknamed “Fred& Ginger” after Hollywood dancing stars, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers – has a cafe at the top of “Fred’s head”. By the time you get up there (via the 7th floor), you find there’s a 100czk entry fee – or you can order something that cost less at the cafe. Fair enough, so with a 69czk cappuccino, I got to enjoy many minutes of taking it all in the beauty of the Czech capital’s famed riverscape.  No wonder Adolf Hitler wanted to make this city (and the castle, according to legend) his abode. Well, thank God he didn’t!

Photos by Marguerita Tan.


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